This is good news: the cycle Quintas de Leitura resumes the in-person format today

It’s been 20 years that the poetic initiative Quintas de Leitura marks its comeback to the in-person format, with a session at the auditorium of Porto Municipal Theatre, Campo Alegre, at 7.30 pm. Tickets purchased for the postponed session last January are valid.

Former Centre to Support Business Creation is to house the Teatro Experimental do Porto

The oldest Theatre Company in the country finally settles in a former Centre to Support Business Creation, the CACE in Freixo, in the eastern part of the city of Porto. This is also the place where future cultural achievements will thrive. The space is organised in work rooms, rehearsal rooms and even an auditorium, making it the perfect spot to archive the vast acquis by Teatro Experimental do Porto (TEP).

Archaeological findings deliver cultural highlights from to West to the East in Porto’s Museu da Cidade

The former water reservoir of the Pasteleira Park is the first station of the Museu da Cidade, to the West, in the city of Porto. The Reservatório, designed by Alexandre Alves Costa and Sérgio Fernandez, gathers artefacts, traces and pieces found in excavations or collected in buildings and monuments of the city. As of today, this Museum station is open to the public.

Urban Art goes on display at the Parque das Águas

This Saturday happens another session of the Jardim da Água, which marks the start of the urban art at the Parque das Águas. The event kicks off at 10 am and concludes at 5 pm. The programme also includes a visit to the site, delivered by Professor Germano Silva.

The Museu da Cidade gives you the big picture on punk in Porto

The Museu Gráfico Cabinet provides a big picture on punk aesthetics and the "do-it-yourself" as regards fanzines from Porto, from the 1980’s until our time. The exhibition will be on display until 15 August. Entrance is free.

Dramatículos by Samuel Beckett, takes to the stage at Rivoli

Rivoli hosts the performance “Dramatículos” staged by Renata Portas, artistic director of the company “Público Reservado”, on 8, 9 and 10 July, at 7.30 pm. On stage, Pedro Manana, Pedro Damião, Cláudia Lázaro and Sílvia Santos will deal with such issues as the human condition and the notion of decay, based on the works by Samuel Beckett.

Have a glass of wine and enjoy your film!

In two years’ time, the Palacete Silva Monteiro will turn into a landmark cultural venue. At present, the Seventeenth century building, which is the headquarters of the Viticulture Commission of the Vinhos Verdes Region (CVRVV) will deliver magical sunsets in its gardens with an amazing cinema cycle with thoroughly selected films that will uplift your summer.

Roger Ballen’s unique artwork goes on display at the Portuguese Photography Centre, in Porto

The prison cells of the former Prison and Court of Appeal in Porto will host, between 10 July and 10 October, the original work by the New Yorker photographer Roger Ballen. Entrance is free.

Creativity making: Puppet workshop at the Puppet Museum of Porto

The Puppets of Porto introduce a new workshop to put creative making to work. In the framework of the Sculpture at the Museum month, João Pedro Trindade, visual artist and technician at the Puppet Theatre of Porto and Micaela Soares, the company’s in-house actress, deliver a workshop to share their own aesthetics when it comes to building a puppet or marionette. The Workshop is for participants aged between 8 and 15 years old.

Renovation works at the Casa Serralves now being finalised to accommodate Miró for 25 years

Rui Moreira and António Costa visited the space that will accommodate the artwork of Catalan Surrealist painter Juan Miró, from this year on.