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The municipality stands in solidarity with flood victims in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul

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A state of calamity has been declared in Rio Grande do Sul due to the storm that has been affecting the Brazilian state since Thursday. This Saturday, the Mayor of Porto contacted the Mayor of Porto Alegre, Sebastião Melo, to express the city's solidarity with the disaster's victims.

'The floods that are ravaging the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul should be of great concern to us. That's why, when I called the Mayor of Porto Alegre to express Porto's solidarity, he asked me to publicise the support and fundraising campaign. Let's all help our brothers,' appealed Rui Moreira.

According to the Brazilian Civil Defence, the most recent figures point to at least 55 dead, 107 injured and 74 missing. More than 82,000 people fled their homes and have been relocated to shelters or family homes.

The phenomenon of torrential rain has already affected more than 510,000 people, with 317 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul registering some kind of storm-related incident. Quoted by the Brazilian press, the governor of that state, Eduardo Leite, emphasised that 'the figures could change substantially over the next few days, as we manage to access more locations'.

The storm also affected Rio Grande do Sul's road infrastructure, with partial or total blockages on almost two hundred sections, and left around 370,000 homes without electricity.

In Porto Alegre, Lake Guaíba exceeded five metres, flooding the streets, and Salgado Filho Airport was closed. Four of the six water treatment plants are out of operation.

According to meteorologists, the phenomenon is associated with intense air currents, a humidity corridor coming from the Amazon (which increases the rain's strength) and atmospheric blocking resulting from heat waves. All aggravated by climate change and set to continue over the next few days.

As a gesture of support and solidarity, Porto City Council is sharing the details with anyone who would like to join the Porto Alegre City Council's campaign to raise funds to help the victims:


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