“Nets of Hyphae” exhibition book is launched today at Porto Municipal Gallery

“Nets of Hyphae” is also the name of the book that follows the same name display authored by Diana Policarpo and curated by Stefanie Hessler, on show at Porto Municipal Gallery, will be launched today, 9th April, at 6 pm. Participation is free, but previous registration is required.

The 7 Samurai have been announced: meet the WOMEX Jury members

WOMEX - The World Music Expo, which takes to Porto between 27th and 31st October, announced the jury of its 27th edition, also known as “Seven Samurais”. The group will actually have eight independent jurors that will be responsible for the curatorship of showcases and conferences of the most relevant musical and development projects in the global music scene.

DDD Festival is back “On Stage/At Home” and spotlights dance and national artists

The DDD – Days of Dance Festival 2021 kick starts on 20th April, with a full agenda of 22 performances, out of which 16 are world premieres or national productions, and out of the 11 coproduction, six are from the Northern Region. “The focus is on national artists” and to them Mayor Rui Moreira expressed words of thanks and gratitude “for the tremendous spirit of resistance, resilience and adaptability”.

You are invited to the cultural delights of the Museu da Cidade in Porto

The phased lifting of lockdown measures provides the opportunity to explore the city of Porto in a whole new manner, by visiting the exhibitions organised by the Museu da Cidade. Check into Porto and make a beeline to the various exhibitions of the Museu da Cidade, some of which are free to Porto. card holders.

Cultura em Expansão launches website and free online programming

“Uma Coisa Longínqua” by Teatro de Ferro, “Princesa Bruxa” by Ricardo Alves and Mariana Amorim, “Cortes do Porto” by Rui Catalão, “And so...? The end!” by Mariana Tengner de Barros and “Memoratório... do usado e preservado Grupo Musical de Miragaia” by the Confederação and Tânia Dinis are the shows on display at the new Cultura em Expansão website.

Shuttle programme supports eight new internationalization projects

The first selected projects in the scope of the 2021 Shuttle municipal programme are revealed.These projects are supported following their approval, during the Executive Meeting, on 5th April, out of 20 applications submitted during the programme’s first phase, which concluded last 5th February. This is Shuttle’s fourth edition.

Museum of the Holocaust opened on 5th April and offers free entry until June

The first of its type in the Iberian Peninsula, the Museum of the Holocaust was scheduled to open on 27th January, the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. However, owing to the pandemic restriction measures, museums had to close doors. The Museum of the Holocaust inaugurated on 5th April and entrance is free until June.

Walls that have printed stories to tell: Porto’s vibrant street art

Urban art unfolds in the city’s streets, walls and murals that tell different stories.

Porto is reshaping the iconic Batalha Cinema Centre

The Cinema Batalha is a pivotal building in the city of Porto. It speaks to the city’s first film screenings in the Salão High-Life, in 1906, owned by the company Neves & Pascaud, in what is today Boavista. The cinema was moved to its current site, the civil parish of Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, São Nicolau and Vitória, during the 1940’s, when architect Artur Andrade designed Batalha’s rehabilitation project. The building was re-inaugurated on 3rd June 1947.

Almeida Garrett Library celebrates 20th anniversary and offers activities for children

Today, 2nd of April is International Children's Book Day and Porto Municipal Library Almeida Garrett celebrates twenty years of happy readings and cultural activities. The celebration programme includes illustrations activities and workshops until 3rd April.