Casa São Roque marks its fourth anniversary with the exhibition "Peter Meeker Collection"

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Casa São Roque – Centro de Arte, located in Campanhã, is celebrating its fourth anniversary. To celebrate the date, it presents the "Peter Meeker Collection: Works from 1982–2019". It is a selection of works from the international art collection of Peter Meeker (Pedro Álvares Ribeiro), which began in the 1980s in Porto and includes 40 artists and more than 600 works.

Works by Portuguese, Polish and Spanish artists constitute the main nucleus of the collection and reflect the long stays that the collector experienced in these three countries, in addition to the close relationship he developed between the four cities: Porto, Warsaw, Lisbon and Madrid.

This is the third group exhibition in Peter Meeker's collection, after "Sala de Jogos de 2022", shown in the historic hall of the "O Elvas" club, as part of Mace's exhibition 15 anos de MACE, in Elvas (curated by Barbara Piwowarska), and within the scope of the "Arte em São Bento" program, at the Prime Minister's residence, at the Palacete de São Bento, in Lisbon (curated by João Silvério).

"Peter Meeker Collection: Works from 1982–2019" at Casa São Roque derives from these two exhibitions and was prepared jointly by Barbara Piwowarska and João Silvério. It focuses on generations of artists who grew up in countries that regained freedom after repressive political regimes and who share existential positions: the Poles who reflect the transformation after 1989 and the Portuguese who reflect the modernization after the 1974 revolution.

The exhibition is open until May 31, 2024, between 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. (it closes every Tuesday). You have free admission every first Monday of each month for residents in Portugal and every Monday for residents of Campanhã (upon proof).