EUGLOH – Research and Innovation Action to fight pandemics in the UP

The University of Porto and the remaining partner universities at the European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) have started, last January, the EUGLOHRIA project, which has been financed with 2 million euros in the framework of the SwafS – Science with and for Society, under the H2020 programme.

Porto City Hall is to enter a cooperation agreement with taxis to transport the elderly to vaccination sites

Porto City Hall is preparing a cooperation agreement with both taxi shuttles in town to transport the elderly to the vaccination centres, namely the Health Centres in the Western and Eastern part of the city. Rui Moreira announced the news on 22nd February, during the Municipal Executive meeting.

Students' Ribbon Burning Week is cancelled again due to coronavirus concerns

The "Queima das Fitas", an event that marks the end of an academic year, was cancelled by the Academic Federation of Porto – FAP, just like last year. FAP’s President, Ana Gabriela Cabilhas stated that “respecting the legacy of the Queima das Fitas do Porto is to identify priorities in an unprecedented context, to protect students and their families”. These preventive measures are taken for the greater good of public health and to fight the new coronavirus. The Queima das Fitas is back in 2022.

Severe weather warning for the weekend

The Municipal Civil Protection has issued a warning on adverse meteorological conditions will start as of this afternoon. As a result of the worsening of weather conditions, starting this Friday, 19th February, car traffic is to be halted at Av. Dom Carlos I, in the seafront. Traffic is prohibited starting at 9 pm. Restriction to circulations is to be lifted as soon as weather conditions permit. The situation is re-assed on 20th February.

Porto City Hall grants financial support of 280 thousand euros to public schools in the city

Porto City Hall grants financial aid of 280 thousand euros to public schools in the municipality. This decision was approved unanimously during the last Executive Meeting. This amount will be used to support logistical and material costs, socio-educational support, scientific and technological literacy projects and the purchase of Individual Protection Equipment (IPE).

FEUP student creates game that helps teens control their emotions

The GamEmotion is a computer game that will make it possible to improve the emotional regulation process. It was developed by Pedro França, a finalist of the master degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP).

A chance to look ahead to the Social Innovation breakthroughs

Porto City Hall, namely the Social Innovation Centre (CIS), promotes another Meetup, on entrepreneurship and innovation, on the topic “The Social Innovation Process: Opportunities & challenges to systemic change”. The online event unfolds on 25th February, between 9.30 am and 12.30 pm.