Integration of the Porto Municipality in the Network of Local Authorities for Equality

A cooperation agreement will be signed with Questão de Igualdade – Associação para a Inovação Social (Association for Social Innovation).

In the Igreja da Lapa (Church of Lapa), the “monument in the form of an organ” will be heard again

The occasion is solemn and will mark the night of Wednesday, January 11th: “One of the greatest gems of Porto will be heard again loud and clear, in fact, as it has not been heard for quite some time”.

The future of disease treatment and prevention will pass through the Centro de Ciência e Inovação at São João

This structure, which will be completed in the second half of 2023, will optimize the logistical conditions for conducting clinical trials.

Researchers from Porto create a pioneering tool for the study of epileptic seizures

Research published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports, allows the “automatic classification” and in “near-real” time of epilepsy seizures trough an infrared radar and three-dimensional (3D) videos.

Several Porto events are in the running at the Iberian Festival Awards

The votes are taking place until January 16.

“Blackout” in Porto and around the world in solidarity with Ukraine

This Wednesday, in a symbolic gesture of solidarity, Porto joined the #LightUpUkraine campaign, turning off the lights in the City Hall building and in the Christmas Tree.

Iranian Community in the city gathers to celebrate ancient tradition

The Iranian community residing in Porto will gather this Wednesday, December 21, to celebrate the Yalda, an ancestral tradition, where the Iranian people gather until dawn, hoping to chase away the demons of darkness and wake up in freedom.