The “Wagon” of programming arrived in Porto to transform careers

The Le Wagon programming school, present in Portugal since 2016, opened a campus in Porto and plans to kick-start the first edition of the Web Development course in July.

Half a hundred vacancies in the technological centre that Parkside Interactive will open in Porto

Parkside Interactive's expansion plans include the debut in the Portuguese market, with the opening of a development centre in Porto and the recruitment of 50 professionals over the next two years.

Fitch has affirmed maximum confidence in the sustainability of the Municipality of Porto's accounts

The US credit rating agency maintains the maximum level of the rating related to the sustainability of the Municipality of Porto's debt, and also revised the outlook of long-term compliance from “stable” to “positive”, indicating the ability to pay financial commitments.

Porto takes on strategy to boost the region’s economy in the next decade

The most diverse entities that contributed to the definition of the Economic Development Strategy of Porto – and which will now assume the role of putting it into practice – met at the Super Bock Arena – Pavilhão Rosa Mota.

Porto tourism three times awarded at international film festival

The promotional set of videos that reflect a Porto of architecture, gastronomy, handcraft, viewpoints, and hospitality, launched by the Municipality, won a silver medal from the International Tourism Film Festival Africa.

Bolt invests in a 700 vehicles fleet in the city for the next five years

Bolt, the leading European mobility platform, will invest in a 700 vehicles fleet, which will be available throughout the city, after having won a municipal license valid for the next five years at a public auction.