Buy local and get your gifts wrapped in these charming customised Porto. shopping bags!

Take time, Sunday morning, and the days still left to Christmas and stroll around downtown Porto, where local shops and traditional trade offer the thing you are looking for, with added bonus – the registered stores offer a direct discount of 2 euros per each 20-euros buy. Shops have a label indicating that they have adhered to this municipal initiative. And the unique presents you will gift are wrapped in a charming customised recycled Porto. shopping bag.

When companies choose Porto as a foreign investment destination, this is what happens…

Talent, competence, good infrastructure, life quality and a favourable macroeconomic scenario are some of the most relevant drivers for foreign investment in Porto. An while Porto is constantly and steadily developing and strengthening its markets, this is poised to create jobs and increase employment, in a city that is viewed as a pool of exceptional resources of specialized knowledge, ability and talent, as, for example, recently stated by Euronext’s CEO.

Discount coupons will have effect from 14th December in all purchases made at traditional and local shops in Porto

There is a communication campaign all around the city to recall both residents and visitors to Porto that Porto City Hall already handed out discount coupons and vouchers to city traders joining this initiative: for each 20 euros spent in street trading, traditional trade and local trade, customers will be granted a 2-euro direct rebate.

This is a top landmark in Porto and it is a statement about its history

The San Francisco Church is a gothic church located in the parish of São Nicolau, in Porto historic centre. The construction started in the 14th century as part of a Franciscan Convent, and throughout the 17th century, several altarpieces were crafted and the entire church interior was refurbished. The main gilded wood altarpieces are on display in the church.

Applications to the vacant seller positions at the Bolhão Market conclude today

Today, 5th December, at 11.59pm closes the application period for the "Abanca-te no Bolhão" campaign, [“Trading at Bolhão” (free translation)] as regards the application period to hold a remaining vendor place at the restored and renovated Bolhão Market.

Porto is at the forefront of Euronext’s technological innovation, says Les Echos

“Portugal is today the country where Euronext employs more people, followed by France. A dynamism brought by the opening of a Technological centre in Porto, in 2017, which employs 150 persons.” These are the opening lines of an article published by the French newspaper “Les Echos”, the first daily French financial newspaper, founded in 1908 and one of the most relevant in France.

Close to one hundred companies and investors filled for support to “Revitaliza Porto.”

The negative impact of the pandemic is showing of the number of companies and investors, close to one hundred the first week alone, that have requested the specialised service of the support line “Revitaliza Porto”, a free support service launched by the Municipality of Porto, via InvestPorto, whose goal is to support the business community in the city of Porto in the response to the pandemic crisis.