Australian entrepreneur moves to Campanhã, in Porto and sets a Gin Distillery with authentic origins

Travis Cunningham is an Australian in search of an alternative to the “where to look for the best place to establish a distillery?” type of quest. This expeditious search led him and his family to Porto, and he reveals that despite having looked at places all around the world he decided Porto was the best place to start his dream business: a Gin Distillery. He describes his distillery, Scoundrels Distilling Co. as “a Portuguese distillery run by Australians”.

Newly graduates: Natixis wants your brain!

Natixis, which inaugurated its Technological and Information Skills Centre in Porto in 2017, will increase its services portfolio in the areas of Technology, Finance and Law until the end of 2021, by recruiting 400 new collaborators.

Congress Douro & Porto looks at the long term sustainability of the wine and tourism sector at Porto Customs

Thinking of Memory and Future, the Congress Douro & Porto looks at the sustainability of the Douro Region, the wineries production and tourism. The event combines a scientific and cultural approach to answer challenges that lay ahead. It kicked off on 19July and will run until 22 July.

INESC TEC assesses the risk of forest fires at European level

INESC TEC - Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto is one of the partner institutions of the international project FIRELOGUE – Cross Sector Dialogue for Wildfire Risk Management, whose purpose is to promote initiatives that focus on knowledge and best practice sharing, to reduce the risk of forest fires.

Best Of Wine Tourism Awards 2022 applications extend until 26 July

The applications for the Best Of Wine Tourism Awards 2022 are extended until 26 July. The organisation decide to extend the application deadline owing to the ongoing pandemic context. Companies that develop enotourism activities in Porto and Douro and the "Vinhos Verdes" Wine Regions can apply to such an award.

Adentis is to open a second office space in Porto and hire more collaborators till the end of the year

The good performance and the growth in the city of Porto will lead Adentis to open a second office space in the Invicta and to hire another one hundred engineers. This office is estimated to be fully operating by the end of the year.

Search for Porto’s authentic origins by visiting the most thrilling viewpoints ever in town

Discover the most magnificent details of Porto‘s landscape through the lenses of the several viewpoints in the city. The new Porto City Hall promotional video offers 24 breath-taking overviews of the Invicta. Let your eyes have it.