Porto Climate Pact promotes Invicta’s energy efficiency

The Municipality of Porto has been investing in an intensive use of LED technology, photovoltaic panels, and in the strengthening of electric mobility and renewable energies.

Magnolias in bloom cover the city with a wave of colour

At this time, the city is dressed in shades of white, pink and purple/lilac, the dominant colours of the species of the Magnoliaceae family.

UK and Porto explore opportunities for local Green Bonds

Local investors, whether businesses or citizens, can, through local authorities, help boost the development of “green” projects to reduce the effects of climate change.

Invicta (Porto City) on the European frontline in the fight against climate change

The mayor of Porto participated yesterday, in Paris, in the "Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Europe Awards 2023".

Fonte dos Leões fully recovered and returned to the city

An investment of about 27 thousand euros, with new systems at the water and energy level, which promotes sustainability, reduction of water losses, and a bet on low consumption lighting.

Animals waiting for adoption visit schools in Porto

Promoted by the sustainability education teams and the Centro de Recolha Oficial de Animais (CROA), they aim to show students how to take care of animals, what to do when you lose a pet, as well as responsible adoptions.

“Coração Verde” certification allowed the selective collection of 600 tons of waste in 2022

The “Coração Verde” initiative certified, in 2022, another 30 new entities, which allowed to reach 600 tons of selective collection.