Porto made it to the 2020 A List regarding environmental action

Porto is part of the A List as regards environmental action, which features 88 cities worldwide, according the CDP, even amid the pandemic; in fact, Porto continues to ramp up its environmental action and resilience, teaming them up with steady ambitious to keep building its environmental structure.

Asprela Park adds to the green structure of the city of Porto

Asprela Park began to be built in July 2020 and the estimate conclusion deadline is the first quarter of 2022. The project is led by the Municipality of Porto in an investment of 1.64 million euros.

Porto breathes | environment

In Porto, you can breathe better.

Porto is (re)elected for the Eurocities Environment Chair

The Municipality of Porto was elected for the Chair of Eurocities Environmental Forum, as it happened in 2018, when deputy Mayor of Porto, Filipe Araújo took the position in the network. The elections were held in an online format, owing to the ongoing pandemic, and as announced yesterday by the Eurocities official website.

Porto green spaces are granted the Green Flag seal of quality, again

The "Green Flag" award is granted, again, to three green spaces in Porto, by the NGO Keep Britain Tidy. The City Park, the Jardim do Passeio Alegre and the Porto Botanical Garden, under the tutelage of the Municipality of Porto, now bear, as in 2019, the international mark of quality.

Casa Guerra Junqueiro inaugurates exhibition by Jorge Feijão on 30th October

The exhibition "Cadernos A & B: Prelúdio e Fuga", by artist Jorge Feijão, opens at the Gabinete de Desenho of Casa Guerra Junqueiro. The event is entrance free, upon space occupancy under the preventive Covid-19 measures and in strict compliance with the health measures in place issued by the health authorities. The display can be visited until 24 January 2021.

MHNC-UP is the first Portuguese institution to become a "United for #Biodiversity" member

The Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto (MHNC-UP), including its Botanic Garden and Biodiversity Salon - Ciência Viva Center, is the first Portuguese institution to become an official member of the Global Alliance "United for #Biodiversity", promoted by the European Commission.