Jardim da Água offers activities for all tastes and ages

The Jardim da Água returns next Saturday, May 14, with a program entirely dedicated to thematic activities for the whole family.

Porto Climate Pact mobilizes European cities to lead in the environmental transition

This week, the vice-mayor of the Municipality of Porto presented the Porto Climate Pact at the “Getting Fit for 55” meeting and at the General Assembly of the Eurocities Network.

Asprela Central Park opens to the city with another six hectares of green space

It is now completed, in a joint effort by Porto City Hall, University of Porto (U.Porto) and the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (P.Porto), for the installation of an urban park of excellence on the university campus of Asprela

Thousands of tulips cover the city with a blanket of color

Originally from Turkey, it is traditionally known as the symbol of the Netherlands, but, these days, it decorates flowerpots, gardens, and public parks in Porto.

Thousands of tulips cover the city with a mantle of color

This year, around 92 thousand tulips were planted in the city’s public gardens and parks. Originally from Turkey, and produced at Viveiro Municipal, the flowers are already a regular guest of the city at this time, announcing the arrival of Spring.

Large affluence of public to appreciate camelias at Alfândega

On the 5 and 6 March, Alfândega do Porto was transformed in a real garden to host the city’s always cherished Camelia Exhibition once again. Present in all the gardens – public and private – what many call “the most perfect of flowers” was celebrated with a market, but also with dance, theatre, and prizes.

Camellias are once again in full bloom in Porto

The flowering of the camellias is scheduled for the 5th and the 6th of March, at Alfândega do Porto.