Lello is once again elected as the world’s most beautiful book place

This time by the world platform One Thousand Libraries (1000 Libraries), the biggest online community for fans of libraries and bookshops in the world

In Foz an old tradition parades hoping to become heritage and throw all ‘evils’ overboard

On Sunday, the Cortejo do Traje de Papel starts in Cantareira, going towards the beach for the sea bath that, according to some, is worth as seven.

New artisans make Forbes fall in love – once again – for the tiles of Porto

In an articled called “The Ceramic Studios Bringing A New Dynamic to Porto’s Thriving Craft Scene”, the north American magazine talks about how the manufacture of tiles is making a resurgence.

Magnolias in bloom cover the city with a wave of colour

At this time, the city is dressed in shades of white, pink and purple/lilac, the dominant colours of the species of the Magnoliaceae family.

It is already possible to plan a visit to the exhibition of D. Pedro's heart before it leaves for Brazil

On 20 and 21 August, the heart will be exposed in the Salão Nobre of Irmandade da Lapa.

Gastronomy, people, and tiles delight chef Jamie Oliver in a visit to Porto

The famous British chef was filming in the Invicta and dinned at the restaurant O Rápido, next to S. Bento station.

And now this… a do-it-yourself cosmetic for keeping a healthy skin while taking a bite at something sweet

Bring something different to these summer days: a considered and thoughtful homemade face cream that can also be a sweet that will add that special twist to your skin care (and pocket).

Solidarity restaurants in the Municipality of Porto serve an average of 525 meals per day

The Municipality of Porto runs three solidarity restaurants and serves an average of 525 meals per day. At times like these, solidarity in the shape of free meals is crucial, as the pandemic outed the already existing social inequalities that are hardened by the pandemic constraints.

This is a top landmark in Porto and it is a statement about its history

The San Francisco Church is a gothic church located in the parish of São Nicolau, in Porto historic centre. The construction started in the 14th century as part of a Franciscan Convent, and throughout the 17th century, several altarpieces were crafted and the entire church interior was refurbished. The main gilded wood altarpieces are on display in the church.

Fascinating facts and trivia about the city of Porto

Porto offers amazing peculiarities that make it what it is and always has been: unique. From its name – Porto – to the reason why its inhabitants are called “tripeiros”, get to know some of the most fascinating aspects of The Invicta.