From Porto to the world: the universe of innovation, entrepreneurship and start-ups starts here

Considered the world’s biggest academic event on technological and digital entrepreneurship, the European Innovation Academy (EIA) returns to Porto as the city it has chosen to, until 2026, inspire students from the world’s top 50 universities to create new business ideas. The doors of innovation will be opened from the July 17th until August 4th.

CommuniCity Project links Porto to Helsinki and Amsterdam

Porto has joined the capitals of Finland and Holand to make use of technology and innovative solutions in favour of underprivileged communities and populations.

European Innovation Academy returns to Porto in the summer

Considering the biggest program of technological and digital innovation and entrepreneurship in the world, the event will take place from July 16th to August 4th.

USHARE promotes carpool among the U.Porto community

The initiative, supported by Porto City Hall in its public presentation, aims to promote carpool, reducing city’s carbon footprint.

Open Call allocates €100,000 to innovation and technology activities

The initiative, promoted by the Municipality of Porto, is part of the strategy for innovation and digital transition and is coordinated by Porto Digital, through the Porto Innovation Hub platform.

Municipality shows strategy in the field of smart cities in Barcelona

The Municipality of Porto, represented by Porto Digital – the entity that develops and executes the Innovation and Digital Transition strategy in the city – participated in the Smart City Expo World Congress.

Catalan delegation came to discover “made in Porto” innovation

A delegation of 40 representatives from the public, private and academic sectors of Catalonia, working on the themes of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology, came to learn about Porto’s innovation ecosystem.