News Porto.


Mobile waste container for hazardous waste is on the street

The Municipality of Porto and Lipor will start to collect hazardous urban waste that was not allowed into waste bins thus far, namely dye waste and solvents, CD’s and DVD’s, and cork stoppers. The new mobile waste container is placed in the recycling yards of Antas and Prelada. In line with the sustainability policies of the Municipality of the city, Porto Ambiente will be able to guarantee the handling of such hazardous waste in the Invicta.


Solidarity restaurants served 150 thousand meals in 2020

The network of solidarity restaurants implemented by Porto City Hall currently serves circa 580 meals a day. This number is gradually increasing since the last review in January. This is a sign of the crisis that led to the preparation of 150 thousand hot meals in 2020, by the three solidarity restaurants that are operating in Porto.


Catholic University in Porto paves the way for the construction of a Portuguese cosmetic manufacturing plant

The way may be paved for the construction of a cosmetic manufacturing plant in Porto, and along with it the creation of circa 200 qualified jobs, says Amyris Inc CEO John Melo. The project is called Alchemy and is placing Porto among the most innovative cities in Europe. The Alchemy project is a collaboration between the Faculty of Biotechnology of the Portuguese Catholic University and Amyris Bio Products Portugal.


Porto Solidário extends support to another 400 households

Out of the 747 received applications under the 9th edition of the Porto Solidário municipal programme 419 applications have been approved. One hundred more since the programme has been launched, in the end of February. This programme is targeted at granting economic support to economic vulnerable households regarding house rent or purchase. The Municipality is strengthening the initial funding of this edition so as to include all the applications received.


Get ready for the first days of the DDD Festival, on 20 and 21 April

These are the DDD first programming days that are set to propel you to fascinating performances and animated shows. The first to be scheduled is the premiere BATE FADO, by Jonas&Lander, at Rivoli. What do tapping and singing the Fado have in common? That is precisely what you will discover on 20th April, at 7 pm. Check out the first days of the DDD Festival in Porto, available on stage and at home. A hybrid programming that is meant to suit all audiences.