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Porto Solidário extends support to another 400 households

Out of the 747 received applications under the 9th edition of the Porto Solidário municipal programme 419 applications have been approved. One hundred more since the programme has been launched, in the end of February. This programme is targeted at granting economic support to economic vulnerable households regarding house rent or purchase. The Municipality is strengthening the initial funding of this edition so as to include all the applications received.


Get ready for the first days of the DDD Festival, on 20 and 21 April

These are the DDD first programming days that are set to propel you to fascinating performances and animated shows. The first to be scheduled is the premiere BATE FADO, by Jonas&Lander, at Rivoli. What do tapping and singing the Fado have in common? That is precisely what you will discover on 20th April, at 7 pm. Check out the first days of the DDD Festival in Porto, available on stage and at home. A hybrid programming that is meant to suit all audiences.


Riding waves at Praia Internacional do Porto this May

The third round of the Liga Meo Surf 2021, a qualifying stage for the National Championship happens in Porto and in Matosinhos on 7, 8 and 9 May. This northern round, which was renamed Joaquim Chaves Saúde Porto Pro, is running for 16 straight seasons.