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Speed Recruitment 2020 will occur online in real time, on 25th November

The 13th edition of the Speed Recruitment event is held exclusively online, this year, on 25th November, at 9am, due to the Covid-19 contingency plan. Participants will be able to visit the virtual stands of all the companies that are associated with the event, get feedback regarding recruitment needs and existing job opportunities. Participation is free but prior registration is mandatory. Apply at


Fascinating facts and trivia about the city of Porto

Porto offers amazing peculiarities that make it what it is and always has been: unique. From its name – Porto – to the reason why its inhabitants are called “tripeiros”, get to know some of the most fascinating aspects of The Invicta.


See the Sea Monsters running loose at the Rectory of the University of Porto

The Rectory building of the University of Porto hosts an incredible exhibition made of waste collected in the beaches of the Invicta. Sea Monsters ("Monstros Marinhos”) is the theme of the exhibit jointly organized by the Interdisciplinary Center of Maritime and Environmental Investigation (CIIMAR) and the campaign Ocean Action Hub.


Outdoor time to boost stamina amid the pandemic on weekend mornings

The sports municipal programmes, organised by Ágora, are approved by the health authorities, and the weekend programmes still offer free sessions. On 21st November, the Days with Energy (Dias com Energia) programme offers Pilates, Yoga, and Tai chi, in four areas in town. On 22nd November there is the Sundays in Shape (Domingos em Forma) programme features a walk through the Oriental Park.