The Water Pavilion features digital learning sessions while proximate and attendance are not possible

While physical attendance is yet to be fully possible, many arts and cultural equipment turn to other platforms to connect with their audiences. As such, the Water Pavilion, in Porto, offers digital services, namely the educational project H2Online. This project ensures that social and social distancing is in place while providing several laboratory activities that are streamed via the Microsoft Teams platform.

Rui Moreira timely reflection on the Liberal Revolution and main phenomena that threaten freedom today

The Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, was an invited speaker at the opening of the congress "A Construção da(s) Liberdade(s)" ["The Building of Freedom(s)", free translation], under the programme of the celebration of the Bicentennial of the 1820 Liberal Revolution, which was held online due to the pandemic, on 5th November. Here are some of his thoughts on the Liberal Revolution.

i3S researcher is awarded the Best Poster Award for Cancer Biology study

i3S researcher, Flávia Castro was awarded the Best Poster under the conference "Cancer Biology: from basic to Translational Research", by the Portuguese League Against Cancer (LPCC) for her work in the area of breast cancer. The poster was presented during the Web Conference Cancer Biology: from basic to Translational Research.

The University of Porto dressed up to welcome the new students

The building of the Rectory of the University of Porto dressed up to welcome the new students for the academic year 2020/2021. As tradition, newcomers are gifted a welcoming Kit, which takes place in an especially arranged space, following all the health measures, from 12 to 23 October. The kit includes a t-shirt, a tote bag, a cape and a bracelet that ensures privileged access to museums and venues in the city of Porto, and also a week free of the UPFit programme.

World Food Day is celebrated at the Faculty of Medicine with a cycle of conferences

During the pandemic, especially during lockdown, the risks of a poor diet were more visible, either regarding disruptive food behaviours or obesity issues, and the resulting diseases. Experts will explain how a balanced nutrition can help fight infections, the importance of food choices in intestinal microbiota and the connection between sedentariness and problems with weight.

Children are having a ball in eight neighbourhoods in Porto

Thanks to the municipal programme "Desporto no Bairro" ["Sports in the Hood", free translation], breakdancing is breaking boundaries towards social benefits for children and youth in the Invicta.

Guess how much I miss you in the autumn, this 3rd October, at the Municipal Library Almeida Garrett

The Municipal Library Almeida Garrett opens doors to family activities as of October, following a shutdown period due to the ongoing pandemic. The first session kicks off on 3rd October, at 3.30pm and participants will be invited to the reading of the English short story "Guess how much I miss you in the autumn", delivered by the British Council.