Start walking with Porto Saudável

The beginning of May marked the comeback of the “Porto Saudável” initiative, and within 48 hours, all 220 applications made available until July were already completed. The high degree of interest from the public led Runporto, the event organiser, jointly with the Municipality of Porto, to open another 20 applications for each Sunday (10 more each group).

Planning to exercise over the weekend? Take your cue from Sundays in Shape municipal programme

Every Sunday, Ágora promotes one-hour exercising and a walk in the Parque Oriental da Cidade do Porto, in the scope of the “Domingos em Forma” [“Sundays in Shape”, free translation] programme. All activities are planned and delivered by physical education professionals and a medical team in on site as a precautionary measure. So, all is set for you to start working on your wellness.

Make exercising your goal for this month with UPFit

You don’t need an excuse to start getting physical; but if you do: the sun is here and it is time to show some skin. Nice weather, sunny days usually mean summer is here and with it the willingness to stay outdoors until late or even to take every opportunity to just be outside and exercising all senses. The University of Porto, namely the University Sports Centre of the University of Porto (CDUP-UP) prepared an entire month of outdoor free classes for the entire community.

Looking for wellness this weekend? Look no further, Days With Energy hit the green areas in Porto

Every Saturday morning, the programme “Days with Energy” offers Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi i such spaces as the gardens of Palácio de Cristal, in the Pasteleira Park and the Oriental Park. On Sundays, it is time for Tai-Chi and the de Rose Method in the Parque da Cidade.

The prestigious Champions League trophy is already in Porto

This is a moment of joy for football aficionados and a significant event for the city of Porto. The prestigious Champions League trophy is already in the Invicta, in front of the old Municipal Prison, located at the Largo do Amor de Perdição. The match is set for Saturday, 29 May, at 8 pm, and one of the teams will hold the coveted trophy once the winner is declared. The PSP – Police for Public Safety – has already announced the strengthening of the security measures.

Energising body and mind outdoors in the city of Porto with Days with Energy

Let the nice weather transform your weekend and spend Saturday and Sunday outdoors. The municipal programme Days with Energy is back this Saturday and Sunday to brighten moods.

Dani Sordo is the overall winner of Porto Super Special Stage

The Spanish pilot Dani Sordo, driver of the Hyundai team, is the overall winner of Porto Super Special Stage, the race that is part of the 54the edition of the Rally de Portugal, which was raced this Saturday evening, surrounding the Forte de São João Baptista, with circa 1.1 km, with pilots driving three laps around that circuit.

The starting line for the Women’s Race is on 22 and 23 May

EDP Women's Race is held today and tomorrow, on 22 and 23 May. This is a special edition as it takes to the virtual format, owing to constraints regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Anyone, anywhere in the world can participate, and have the opportunity to not only have lots of fun while exercising, but also running for a noble goal: fighting breast cancer. Participants of 17 nationalities have already registered.

Rally de Portugal is out in the road and arrives in Porto this Saturday

The Rally de Portugal Super Special Stage in Foz do Douro does not allow general public in attendance. There will be a live broadcast by RTP and SportTV, starting at 7 pm.

It is all about promoting goals and changing lives! Desporto no Bairro second edition kicks off this month

This second edition of “Desporto no Bairro”, which kicks-off this month, has the goal of “doing more and better”, affirmed Rui Moreira. As such, until the end of July, from Monday to Saturday, there will be skate and surf lessons, in addition to breaking. The target audience are the youth from Porto, in another six neighbourhoods that will offer classes delivered by over 20 teachers. The investment rose to circa 100 thousand euros. The presentation session took place at the Parque da Pasteleira.