Linha Retoma Desporto supports 53 city clubs

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Filipa Brito

The Linha Retoma Desporto is launched by the third year in a row by Porto City Hall, through the Ágora, and is reinforcing the number of sports entities that will benefit from the municipal incentive, with the increase of the total allocated support.

Compared to last year, the Municipality of Porto reinforced the investment by 50 thousand euros, going from 100 thousand in 2022 to 150 thousand this year.

To help minimise the impact of restricting measures towards sports due to the pandemic situation, Porto City Hall created this programme in 2021, with the aim of directly supporting the city’s clubs and associations in the acquisition of sports material and/or a sports doctor. In its first edition, Retoma Desporto distributed 70 thousand euros.

In its second edition, in 2022, it became a regular and annual financial support instead of an extraordinary incentive. The initial goal was to contribute towards the progressive return of sports activities, to which the autarchy decided to add the reinforcement of the support given for preparations for the sports seasons.

The final report is available for consultation.