Public present again in the super special of Rally de Portugal

Porto is getting ready to receive again, on May 21, the “Porto Special Stage”, a super special included in the 55th edition of Rally de Portugal.

Tickets for the Porto section of the Rally de Portugal are now on sale

The Porto Super Section Stage route will be the same as in previous editions, but with a new feature: the presence of the public.

International competitions pumps up Ramalde Skate park

The Skate Park, integrated in the Parque Desportivo de Ramalde, hosts international competitions between the 24th and the 27th of March

Green and leisure spaces benefited with fitness equipment and basketball hoops

Porto City Hall has invested around 640 thousand euros in fitness equipment, to which were added 100 thousand more in the requalification and placement of 15 basketball hoops in sports venues for this purpose.

Extension of Ramalde Skate Park offers new challenges to athletes

Inaugurated in 2019, the Ramalde Skate Park had a new intervention, with the aim of increasing its area and providing the space with new technical facilities for the practice of the sport. An investment of around 300 thousand euros, 140 thousand euros applied now, and other 150 thousand euros invested in the initial construction. The Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, visited the facilities this Saturday morning.

Ramalde Skate Park is now bigger and has new features

Two years after its opening, Ramalde's Skate Park has been expanded. Integrated in the Ramalde Sports Park, the space increased from 950 square meters to an area of 1550 square meters, with new features and more potential for the athletes. In 2020 and 2021, these sports grounds had almost five thousand registrations in classes and scheduled activities and more than a thousand athletes or simply curious people in free training.

Salgueiros enters the pitch with CROA dogs for adoption

In the football match between Sport Comércio e Salgueiros and Clube Desportivo de Gouveia, played at Complexo Desportivo de Campanhã, on the 16thJanuary, the stars of the game were the four-legged friends. Fully equipped, they entered the pitch with the players of the mythic club from the city of Porto, brightening up a match. The action had as main goal raising awareness of the population to the conscious and responsible adoption of these animals available in Centro de Recolha Oficial de Anima