Escola Básica do Falcão and Secundária Alexandre Herculano gain a new life

More than ten million euros were invested by the Municipality of Porto in the requalification of the Escola Básica do Falcão, in Campanhã, and in the Secundária Alexandre Herculano, in Bonfim.

Escola Solidária grants more than 10 thousand meals during Easter’s school holidays

During the Easter’s school break, between April 3rd and 14th, the school canteens of the Municipality of Porto were open, assuring the provision of circa 10.020 lunches and 9.596 snacks to children and kindergarten, middle and secondary school students of the city’s public net.

School2030 programme presented at Escola Fontes Pereira de Melo

The partnership with the Aga Khan Portugal Foundation aims to promote the work with young people, education and child care, diversity and gender equality.

Municipal project to create synergies for inclusion was presented in South Korea

“Shaping the Future of Education innovation, tradition and inclusion” was the central theme of the 16th International Congress of Educating Cities, which took place in Andong, South Korea, from 25 to 28 October.

Over 4,500 new students celebrated their admission to University of Porto

National and international students mingled in a joyful gathering, even before starting their degree or integrated masters.

University of Porto in new project for the exchange of students, researchers, and teachers

The creation of this free circulation “supercampus” has the support of 18 million euros from the European Commission.

North American university students resumed a program of visits to the Porto City Hall

After overcoming the restrictions of the pandemic, the visit program was resumed, which brings American university students to visit the building of the Town Hall.

Porto Business School is one of the 50 best business schools in the world

Porto institution climbs the table and now occupies the 40th position among the best business schools in the world and gives a push for Portugal to take place on the podium.

Porto will have 270 more beds for university students

The City and the University of Porto give the go ahead to differentiated projects for three new university student dorms, which will give the city students 270 more beds.

U.Porto invests 16 million euros to create more courses and upgrade facilities

The fund, made available by the Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência, will allow the launch of more than 150 new courses and training for adults, as well as five degrees in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.