Escola Solidária grants more than 10 thousand meals during Easter’s school holidays

  • Porto.

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During the Easter’s school break, between April 3rd and 14th, the school canteens of the Municipality of Porto were open, assuring the provision of circa 10.020 lunches and 9.596 snacks to children and kindergarten, middle and secondary school students of the city’s public net. (EPE E 1º CEB – 8828 lunches and 9596 snacks and 2º and 3º CEB e Secundário – 1192 lunches).

With this initiative, the Municipality has guaranteed the access to meals to circa 1100 children and students, answering to the legitimate necessities of the school community and families, as a way of allowing the access to meals, nutritionally balanced, during school breaks.

Fernando Paulo, councillor for Education in Porto City Hall, explains that “Escola Solidária is an initiative directed to all children in kindergartens and students from primary, middle, and secondary school of the city’s public net, applicable to the student’s siblings, aged between three to ten years old, even if they are not enrolled in a school from the public net of Porto. In this way, the municipality allows the access to a nutritionally balanced meal, with the same prices as during the school year, to children and students that need this service, which is free to students with a scholarship.

This initiative is ensured by the Municipality of Porto throughout school breaks, such as Christmas, Carnival, Easter, and summer.