International conference addressed policies for school dropouts

The councilor for Education and Social Cohesion of the Porto City Hall, Fernando Paulo, attended "Working together to offer a better future for young people in the Mediterranean area" conference.

International Day of the Educating City celebrated with commented cinema

The screening of the movie “Won’t Back Down” featured a debate hosted by José Matias Alves, professor at the Faculdade de Educação e Pscicologia da Universidade Católica – Porto.

The most entrepreneurial University is the one in Porto

Startup Portugal's initiative found 275 startup founders among the graduates of the Porto institution, but the Polytechnic of Porto also enters the "top 10", with 60 entrepreneurs.

University of Porto ranked among the best 300 in the world

Institution has several areas of reference, such as Food Science and Technology, Veterinary, Biomedical Engineering, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Ecology.

Porto City Hall ensures 115 thousand school meals during the summer vacation

The Escola Solidária also ensures these services during Easter and Christmas break.

Escola Básica do Falcão and Secundária Alexandre Herculano gain a new life

More than ten million euros were invested by the Municipality of Porto in the requalification of the Escola Básica do Falcão, in Campanhã, and in the Secundária Alexandre Herculano, in Bonfim.

Escola Solidária grants more than 10 thousand meals during Easter’s school holidays

During the Easter’s school break, between April 3rd and 14th, the school canteens of the Municipality of Porto were open, assuring the provision of circa 10.020 lunches and 9.596 snacks to children and kindergarten, middle and secondary school students of the city’s public net.