The Embassy of Ireland Lecture delivers “World into Word: the farm vision of Seamus Heaney”

This year’s edition of the Embassy of Ireland Lecture is themed “World into Word: the farm vision of Seamus Heaney”, and it will be held online owing to the ongoing pandemic. The lecture is scheduled for 11th March, at 6 pm, with invited lecturer Nicholas Grene, Professor Emeritus of Trinity College Dublin.

FEP and PBS earn international accreditation seal by Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

The Faculty of Economy of the University of Porto (FEP) and Porto Business School (PBS) earned the highest standards of excellence by the Association for Advance Collegiate Schools of Business – AACSB, a global non-profit association that brings together educators, students, and business to jointly train the next generation of great leaders.

University of Porto launches Creativity Talks series

The Creative Talks series kicked off yesterday, on 25th February and will extend for the coming months. The Talks are organised by FEUP, in partnership with FBAUP, FPCEUP, FLUP, UPTEC, and Casa Comum/Reitoria. The goal is to debate the multidisciplinary creative process.

EUGLOH – Research and Innovation Action to fight pandemics in the UP

The University of Porto and the remaining partner universities at the European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) have started, last January, the EUGLOHRIA project, which has been financed with 2 million euros in the framework of the SwafS – Science with and for Society, under the H2020 programme.

Students' Ribbon Burning Week is cancelled again due to coronavirus concerns

The "Queima das Fitas", an event that marks the end of an academic year, was cancelled by the Academic Federation of Porto – FAP, just like last year. FAP’s President, Ana Gabriela Cabilhas stated that “respecting the legacy of the Queima das Fitas do Porto is to identify priorities in an unprecedented context, to protect students and their families”. These preventive measures are taken for the greater good of public health and to fight the new coronavirus. The Queima das Fitas is back in 2022.

Porto City Hall grants financial support of 280 thousand euros to public schools in the city

Porto City Hall grants financial aid of 280 thousand euros to public schools in the municipality. This decision was approved unanimously during the last Executive Meeting. This amount will be used to support logistical and material costs, socio-educational support, scientific and technological literacy projects and the purchase of Individual Protection Equipment (IPE).

FEUP student creates game that helps teens control their emotions

The GamEmotion is a computer game that will make it possible to improve the emotional regulation process. It was developed by Pedro França, a finalist of the master degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP).

Researcher of the University of Porto discovers a 300 million year fossil

The fossil of an already extinct plant was found in the coal field of the Douro, in Gondomar, by the palaeontologist and researcher Pedro Correia, of the Earth Sciences Institute (ICT), headquartered at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP).

Learn about digital recruitment rules with Career Day U.Porto

The Career Day U.Porto is scheduled to take place on 24th February. The event’s main goal is to provide interactive sessions and simulated interviews in an online format. Target audience are students and graduates, who will be able to approach the topic “Nova Era das Entrevistas Digitais”, aka “New Era of Digital Interviews”.

CIIMAR obtains international quality certification

CIMMAR, the Interdisciplinary Centre of Maritime and Environmental Investigation obtained international recognition by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The ISO 9001 certification puts CIIMAR, the research centre of the University of Porto, among the best institution in the world as regards management and organisation.