AddVolt presents the world's 1st plug-in electric-hybrid system, tested and approved by GALP

AddVolt and Everythink mobile Power bank, developed by FEUP’s alumni, has been tested and received the seal of approval by GALP. Addvolt, a company incubated at UPTEC — Science and Technological Park of the University of Porto, developed a mobile car power bank, aka electric battery charging for electric and hybrid vehicles. Addvolt’s long-time business partner Everythink, a company also incubated at UPTEC, was in charge of the he product design.

City Café webinar on Organizational Innovation: How to make the impossible possible?

The 15th edition of the City Café promotes a webinar on “Organizational Innovation: How to make the impossible possible?”, on 27th November, between 1.30pm and 2.30pm. Participation is free.

Fashion students fight textile waste in Porto by quickening a solidarity project

The Escola de Moda do Porto (EMP) (Fashion School in Porto) is boosting the fight against clothing and textile waste by creating unique garments made of textile fabrics that would otherwise add to the waste by the fashion industry.