Five start-ups represent Porto and the cities of the future to international investors

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Miguel Nogueira

Addvolt, Noocity, Pavnext, Bioworld - Social Impact e a Omniflow will attend the Dealmaking Day of the European network SCALE Cities next March 2022. The five start-ups were chosen to represent Porto to potential investors in Key areas for present and future cities.

The goal of the initiative is to mitigate barriers by creating a larger and more competitive ecosystem by promoting the close relationship between start-up companies and venture capital investors with interest in areas of Energy, Water, Food, Waste management and Mobility.

The SCALE network, along with the Unknown Group, launched this initiative – the Dealmaking Day – with the aim of supporting European Start-ups with strong potential for international expansion.

In addition to Porto, the cities of Amsterdam, Vienna, Madrid, Hamburg, and Antwerp will be represented. In total, 30 start-ups and scaleups (five per city) will participate in meetings to development new synergies and business with a set of 30 international investors.

This group of European cities aims to support the growth of start-ups that have the interest and capacity to scale internationally, while helping their respective city to position itself as a space open to creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The initiative is based on the certainty that, increasingly, it is understood that the European scale, and not just regional or national, is internationally more competitive, since the same solution can work to answer the same problem in different cities/countries.

Aware that technological ecosystems can only grow when all palyers are aligned under the same vision, the city of Porto launched the ScaleUp Porto, an initiative that actively promotes the development of a sustainable technological ecosystem, capable of increasing economic competitiveness, creating skilled jobs and improving citizen’s quality of life.