Start & Scale 2021 Porto: the technological community that is “shaping the world”

“Future Shapers” is the theme of the fifth edition of the Start & Scale Week, and the outlining objective is the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. All initiatives, organised by the ScaleUp Porto strategy are held in the digital format, between 24 and 28 May.

Catholic University in Porto paves the way for the construction of a Portuguese cosmetic manufacturing plant

The way may be paved for the construction of a cosmetic manufacturing plant in Porto, and along with it the creation of circa 200 qualified jobs, says Amyris Inc CEO John Melo. The project is called Alchemy and is placing Porto among the most innovative cities in Europe. The Alchemy project is a collaboration between the Faculty of Biotechnology of the Portuguese Catholic University and Amyris Bio Products Portugal.

CIIMAR continues to build its globally recognised cyanobacteria collection for more than 30 years

The past 13th April saw the celebrations of the 30 years that the LEGE-CC collection of cyanobacteria and microalgae started at the Interdisciplinary Centre of Maritime and Environmental Investigation (CIIMAR). Recognised globally, the LEGE-CC collection features over 1200 samples of cyanobacteria and microalgae, with a technological interest.

Startup incubated in UPTEC raises five million euros in pre-seed funding

The startup incubated in UPTEC, Coverflex managed to secure the biggest investment round ever during the pre-seed funding, which is an early funding round in which investors provide a startup business with capital to develop its product. One of the goals of such project is to “change the way companies and workers view compensations beyond salaries”, as well as “increasing team retention”, writes Dinheiro Vivo, quoting coverflex’s news release.

They said it, and we agree: “Youth is not wasted on the young”, especially if they are from Porto, we add

These are the times for the digital-first generation to affirm their optimism in the future and to “reimagine” how society will look like from now on, mostly because of Covid-19 and the resulting consequences worldwide. Young entrepreneurs in Porto have a say in this amazing new world, namely Carlos Lei Santos and Frederico Carpinteiro, who are from Porto and have been shortlisted to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2021.

Open Call funding of 70 thousand euros available for boosting the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

The 5th edition of the ScaleUp Porto Open Call is fully innovation, technology and entrepreneurship driven and there are 70 thousand euros to fund related activities in Porto. Applications are open until 7th May.

INESC TEC is developing the TRUST- AI project, funded by the European Union

INESC TEC coordinates the European project TRUST-AI, with the purpose of explaining how AI works. The specific goal is to make AI more transparent and reliable.

Porto is to host the largest fintech centre in the country

Payment cmpany euPago is to invest two million euros in a venue that will work as a hub of innovative ideas in the fintech area. This place will be located near Constituição and will accommodate about 20 startups, this year alone.

Health established companies are looking for startups with ideas. Register now!

Startups and health companies come together on 25th March to debate ideas and challenges in the sector. This online event is promoted by ScaleUp Porto. Register until 8th March.

This is the latest highlight regarding pets

A Porto based startup in Porto uses AI to help feed “man’s best friend”. The company provides a box to storage dog food, and the good thing is that dog owners do not have to worry about feeding their pets as Barkyn Home automatically orders the dog food before it runs out; in addition, the company also sends alerts regarding visits to the vet and how to help dogs lead a healthier life.