USHARE promotes carpool among the U.Porto community

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The student Association of Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto (AEFEP) launches this Wednesday, April 12, the USHARE app in Porto. The initiative, supported by Porto City Hall in its public presentation, aims to promote carpool, reducing city’s carbon footprint.

USHARE was created and developed in a partnership between AEFEP and the junior company of Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, JuniFEUP. A carpool app which allows the use of private vehicles to share commutes between different users, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The app promotes the concept of shared economy, making commutes more affordable and accessible, contributing to the reduction of the number of vehicles circulating.

The vice-president of Porto City Hall participated on the round table

"Sustentabilidade Ambiental: Das palavras aos atos" (“Environmental Sustainability: From words to actions”), which anticipated the launch of the app, highlighting the development of this app as an interesting action for solving an identified problem, emphasizing the contribution and dynamism of FEP’s Student association, one of the subscribers of Porto Climate Pact.

Filipe Araújo recalls that the transition to shared public transport with zero emissions is crucial for the success of the city’s climate targets: “We are treading a path together with the subscribers of the Pact, where the City of Porto has sought to lead by example, acting, assertively and coherently, in the efforts to decarbonize the city. This app is one more tool that supports private vehicles sharing when, for some reason, public transport may not be an option”.

Porto Climate Pact, initiative officially launched in September 2022, already brings together more than 300 subscribers, including elements of civil society, organizations, companies, and institutions united for carbonic neutrality in the city by 2030.