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Dom Carlos I Avenue halted today and tomorrow due to severe weather conditions

Worsening of weather conditions, starting this Friday, 29th January, halts car traffic at Av. Dom Carlos I, in the seafront. Traffic is prohibited starting at 10 pm. Restriction to circulations is to be lifted as soon as weather conditions permit. The situation is re-assed on 30th January.

The Municipality of Porto sets out internal pioneering measures to combat the hardening of the pandemic

The country is battling a rapid outbreak of Covid-19 new infections; as such, the Municipality of Porto continues to ensure both the safety of municipal workers performing essential activities and the regular functioning of services.

Rui Moreira places Municipal Police resources at the disposal of the PSP

The Mayor of Porto City Hall, Rui Moreira will make available all Municipal police and logistical resources to the Metropolitan Command of the Porto Public Safety Police (PSP), starting at 12 o’clock midnight today. The goal is to unite efforts of both police forces in fighting the pandemic.

Outdoor sports equipment also closed due to the pandemic restriction measures

As the pandemic infection rates accelerate, municipal outdoor sports equipment are also closed and access is restricted; namely, Ramalde Skate Park and the athletics track of the Ramalde Sports Park/Inatel.

Warning: worsening of weather conditions as of today, 21st January

The latest weather forecast warns on the worsening of weather conditions, starting this Thursdays, in the city of Porto, with strong wind, sea disturbance and heavy precipitations.

Porto City Hall reintroduces lockdown restrictions and closes walled green parks, playgrounds and cemeteries

Porto City Hall determined, yesterday evening, 19th January, the reimposing of lockdown measures to help prevent the outbreak of the Covid-19. The sharp increase in Covid-19 infections led to the prohibition to public agglomerations in public space.

Municipal contingency plan for cold wave has been activated and will remain in place in Porto

The Municipality of Porto has activated its contingency plan for extreme weather conditions affecting the homeless and the most vulnerable population in the city of Porto. The plan is in place as of 30th December 2020 and the response is coordinated with the Emergency Temporary Shelters and the solidarity restaurants for the homeless. These measures are appropriate to the needs, and there is still availability to accommodate more people. These facilities house 23 people, for the time being.