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Municipal Police and PSP meet to coordinate collective task as regards security on 23 June

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Miguel Nogueira

For the second consecutive year, the patron Saint of the Invicta will not be celebrated, owing to the pandemic. So as to plan and prepare their joint action on the eve of St John’ Day, on 23 June, the Municipal Police and the PSP Porto met at Porto City Hall.

In line with the collaboration between Porto City Hall and the Municipal Police, Mayor Rui Moreira reiterated the availability by the Municipal Police to cooperate in the planning and preparation for the implementation of the security measures for 23 June.

The meeting took place yesterday, at the City Hall, and was attended by the Commander of the PSP’s Porto Metropolitan Command, the Superintendent Paula Peneda, and the Superintendent Mário Pereira. The meeting also included the Commander of the Municipal Police, António Leitão da Silva, the Councillor for Civil Protection, Cristina Pimentel, and the Councillor for Youth and Sports, Catarina Araújo, also President of the Municipal Company Ágora.