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Firefighter from the Porto Fire Department among the world's top professionals

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'The toughest firefighters in the world. All in one place'. This is how the organisation of the Aramco Firefighter Challenge defines it. The event, which showcases exceptional skills, bravery and teamwork, took place this month in Saudi Arabia and included a member of the Porto Fire Department among the world's top professionals.

Ruben Pereira came 35th in the competition with ninety firefighters, and came 7th in his class. Added to these achievements was fourth place overall in mixed teams, where he participated with two members of the Lisbon Fire Department and a volunteer firefighter from Paço de Sousa.

The Aramco Firefighter Challenge is a biennial event organised by the Saudi company Aramco, which challenges more than 300 professional firefighters, enthusiasts and teams from all over the world to various competitions.

The competition was designed to showcase firefighters' exceptional skills, bravery and teamwork, while promoting camaraderie and knowledge exchange among the community.

The aim of this event is to promote excellence in firefighting techniques, share best practices and inspire a spirit of collaboration between firefighting teams worldwide.