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Joint operational training assessed Porto and Lisbon

The Disaster Search Dog-Handler Team of Porto City Hall, set up by elements of Porto Firefighter's Battalion performed operational special training drills, jointly with the Lisbon Firefighters Battalion. This initiative was carried out between 30th September and 2nd October and it involved a total of 13 elements; from Porto, the mission included eight operatives and four dogs, and from Lisbon, the mission comprised five operatives and seven dogs. The training also featured three operational...

Porto heads technological project to fight Covid-19

The Municipality of Porto, via Porto Digital, leads the Data4Covid19 project, whose goal is to integrate multiple source data. This resource will enable to implement and monitor, in an integrated way, the measures to fight Covid-19 by combining resources from several companies and research centres, as tools towards decision-making processes, especially regarding health, prevention measures and the rapid establishment of a prognosis.

Recommendations to access the Garden of Passeio das Virtudes during the contingency situation

Access to the Garden of Passeio das Virtudes is conditioned as long as the contingency situation is in effect, to discourage people from gathering in that public site, amid the ongoing pandemic. Porto City Hall put in place temporary railings in that garden, and placed posters with information regarding sanitary recommendations that visitors must comply with: the use of face masks or visor, whenever necessary; hand sanitation with appropriate alcohol gel; social distancing of two metres;...

Porto did what needed to be done and led by example

This year, the century-old tradition of São João street parades did not take place as the Municipality of Porto cancelled official festivities due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, the Municipality urged people to take the party home. And Porto did what needed to be done, it celebrated in private.

Find new ways to celebrate São João amid the pandemic

This year, amid a pandemic, don't take the party to the streets, avoid crowds and find new meanings for the word celebration. The usual parades, crowds and parties have to be scheduled for 2021. Still, everyone can have their own celebration; to brighten moods all night long, Rádio Festival ensures a special broadcasting that will go from the early morning of the 23rd June till the first light of day of the 24th June. The broadcast kicks-off at 8am and will be playing for 18 hours straight.

Mural painting by Vhils in Porto pays tribute to health professionals

The mural painting by Vhils in Porto pays tribute to health professionals. It shows faces covered by face masks. The eyes are how we all communicate, after all, these days and these eyes show us courage and determination. The mural is located in the entrance to the visits wing of the São João Hospital in Porto.

Celebrate São João at home and over the radio

Street celebrations are cancelled, so this year the way to party is staying at home, with all the fun and merriment that such moments can also bring; to brighten moods all night long, Rádio Festival ensures a special broadcasting that will go from the early morning of the 23rd June till the first light of day of the 24th June.

More than 1000 tests for COVID-19 performed in Porto and no positive cases reported

In the first 15 days of June alone, over 1200 people were tested in Porto. This information was indicated to by ARS Norte, which demonstrates that the fact that there are no new positive Covid-19 cases in Porto is not the result of the shortage of test performing but that health authorities, hospitals, institutions the Municipality and mostly citizens were able to stop the outbreak of the pandemic, for the time being, by means of active control measures.

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together! Don't take São João to the streets, celebrate at home!

With no official São João celebrations, everyone can still have their own celebration; this is what the Municipality of Porto enhanced in a Mupi campaign to raise awareness on the need to comply with social distancing measures and not giving in to tackling the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Porto dismantles Field Hospital Porto. as it does not pick up new Covid-19 cases for eleven days straight

Field Hospital "Porto.", set up at Super Bock Arena/Pavilhão Rosa Mota, will be dismantled over the coming days. This decision was jointly made by both public hospitals in Porto, the Northern Regional Medical Section and Porto City Hall, following the fact that Porto does not report any new Covid-19 cases for eleven days straight, which makes it now the fifth municipality in Portugal with the highest toll of cases.