Vote for Porto as the World's Leading City Break Destination 2020. Voting deadline is 25th October.

Porto is candidate to the World's Leading City Break Destination 2020. Here is how things work: travellers can vote for their preferred destination, the one that gave them the "right" chills and a positive and lifelong experience. Vote now.

Porto innovation ecosystem is awarded the "Smart City Innovator" prize in Dubai

"The Smart City Innovator Award" was granted to the city of Porto, under the Annual Investment Meeting Conference, for its innovation ecosystem. The ceremony was held in Dubai today. In addition, the support by InvestPorto to Critical TechWorks was also acknowledged with second best place in the Investment Promotion category.

"Today is a good day for Porto": the Consignment Agreement of the Former Slaughterhouse has been signed on 21st October

The ceremony of the signing of the Consignment Agreement of the former Slaughterhouse in Campanhã has been held on 21st October, and that day will stand as a landmark date for the city. The Mayor of Porto said it: "Today is a good day for Porto!".

World's Leading City Break Destination 2020? Porto, Portugal, for sure

Porto is a glorious candidate to the World's Leading City Break Destination 2020. No doubt about that. The Invicta is the city where travellers can experience urban and rustic atmosphere combined in a city whose origins are cemented with hard work and ingenuity. You decide who wins, so vote for the best Leading City Break Destination in the world, as voting time is running till 25th October.

Portugal Fashion's catwalk shows what's next for the spring/summer season

Portugal Fashion is back in Porto Customs, from 15th to 16th October, and the fashion shows will follow a format that is in compliance with all the health guidelines issued by the DGS. The event combines both the digital and the on-site formats. The fashion show calendar has already been announced and it "is engaged in displaying all the Portuguese fashion vitality". This edition presents the debut of Ernest W. Baker and the renowned Alexandra Moura, Alves/Gonçalves, David Catalán, Hugo Costa...

Porto ranks 7th favorite big international city according to Condé Nast Traveler

The 33rd annual Readers' Choice Awards survey provides a clear picture about where travellers "in the world go to" and "what they loved" the most. And it is no surprise that Porto ranks 7th in this survey, a city that Condé Nast Traveler describes as "modern and traditional meeting" and where "chefs, artists, and designers are bringing a new spirit to the city's old-world appeal".

Bonfim is yet again reclaiming its top spot as one of the coolest districts ever, this time according to Time Out

The Editors at Time Out Porto shortlisted Bonfim, Porto as the 14th coolest district according to the magazine, out of 40 other districts the world over. The Editors state that "experienced travellers want to see the city as locals do", like in Bonfim.

Employment and turnover has taken on greater prominence in startups in Porto and even surpassed the Porto Metropolitan Area

A study by ScaleUp Porto concludes that between 2016 and 2018 the Invicta has seen a steady growth in employment and turnover in the startups in town, at twice the speed of that observed between 2013 and 2015. The companies' average business growth in Porto's entrepreneurial ecosystem has even reached 26.2%, whereas similar companies in Porto Metropolitan Area (AMP) stood at 7.7%.

Applications are now open to the 60 vacant seller positions at the Bolhão Market

"Abanca-te no Bolhão", which translates as "Trading at Bolhão" (free translation) is the telling motto of the campaign that officially starts today, as of 2pm, and refers to the opening of the application period to hold a vendor place at the restored and renovated Bolhão Market. We are looking at 42 new stalls, 6 restaurants and 12 stores.

INESC TEC develops tool to detect cyber-attacks in Europe

The Systems and Computer Engineering Institute of Porto (INESC TEC) participates in the European project PANDORA, which intends to contribute to strengthen European Union's cybernetics defence capacity, by developing an open tool that is available to all member countries. The continuous use of information technology in military units and chains of command can make EU member states defence abilities vulnerable to cyber-attacks; in this regard, INESC-TEC developed a tool to help detect...