Porto is looking for producers and distributors of organic products

As part of the Asprela + Sustentável, the programme Good Food HUBs aims to make the city’s food system circular, local, healthy, sustainable, resilient, and fair.

Porto’s talent attracts new technology centre with Austrian signature

This Friday, the Austrian Parkside Interactive has opened an office in Sá da Bandeira, in which fifty people are already working and from which a superior amount of four million euros is to be expected in less than three years.

Videos about city tourism win new international award

After its recognition in South Africa, the Municipality of Porto was distinguished at the Silver Lake Tourfilm Festival - Silafest 2022 with the "Best Production" award

South Korean delegation got to know the work undertaken in the management of Bolhão

A group of representatives from the city of Nam-gu, located in the metropolitan area of Ulsan (South Korea), visited Mercado do Bolhão on Wednesday.

Over two thousand jobs in IT have been created in Porto since the beginning of the year

This number corresponds only to the 35 companies with investment projects in the city, completed or in progress, monitored by InvestPorto or projects announced publicly.

Porto among the world’s destinations with the most “five stars” attractions per visitor”

In a study titled "Underrated City Breaks", Bounce analysed 100 of the world's most visited cities and ranked them based on which ones have the highest percentage of five-star rated attractions, but the least visited, in order to reveal which urban destinations are the most "underrated".

Applications until 31 August for those who want to help to build Porto's innovation and technology ecosystem

Until 31 August, the Call for Activities 2022 is accepting applications submitted by entities and collective organisations, national or foreign, to promote activities that stimulate Porto's innovation ecosystem.