Porto is one of Portugal’s most stunning cities, affirms Forbes magazine

There is more to Portugal than its capital city, affirms Forbes magazine, highlighting Porto as one of Portugal’s most stunning cities.

Students’ residences by BigCity Asprela will enhance student housing in Porto

In July 2022, the number of available student residence units will reaffirm the city as a housing hub. The BigCity Asprela, a 30 million euros investment by BigCity and Reditum Capital, will bring 241 beds to the city, in an area of 10.850 square metres.

Municipal advisors agree that TAP does not operate in the region and claim support to attract foreign operators

The joint meeting of the Municipal Councils for Tourism and Economy was held on 30 July, at the Rivoli, and on the agenda was, among other topics, the role of air transport in the city.

Porto local trade already granted circa 117 thousand euros in sales discounts

Buy 20 euros and get an immediate 2-euro discount. The municipal programme to boost the business activities in Porto already granted circa 117 thousand euros discounts in local and traditional trade in the city. This measure provides for a 2-euro discount for each 20-euro buy in local stores that have adhered to the municipal support programme. The measure is in place until 30 July.

Porto establishes the role of Local Accommodation Mediator

Local Accommodation (AL) in Porto will rely on the services of a mediator to assist and guide the stakeholders in the sector, namely residents, facility managers, tourists and apartment complex managers. The proposal was presented by the councillor for Economy, Tourism, and Trade, Ricardo Valente, during the Executive Meeting held yesterday, 28 June and it was approved by a majority. The CDU party abstained.

Company from Porto, Readiness IT establishes partnership with American Blue Planet and is leading the way as regards 5G technology and IoT

Tech company Readiness IT, based in Campanhã, Porto, has consolidated its role as regards 5G technology and Internet of Things (IoT) due to new partnership with American company Blue Planet. The Portuguese company is pioneer in implementing digital transformation projects and will combine its expertise to the Blue Planet’s mission of accelerating digital transformation by streamlining the automation of the services lifecycle.

The Municipality of Porto launches innovative application to explore the city in real time

The Municipality of Porto created a new service, the Explore Porto, which challenges both residents and visitors to explore the city in a different manner. This is the first time that a unique platform provides real time information on transports and other highlights. This service was created to provide useful and reliable information on mobility and areas of interest in Porto, thus ensuring the shift from a static planned information system to a real time information system provider.

Porto devotes three days to talk about cybersecurity

Porto Customs is once again the host to the C-DAYS Conference, where the issue of cyber security, and its management by people and organisations is the outlining topic. The President of the Municipal Assembly, Miguel Pereira Leite, represented the Municipality of Porto during the opening of the debate themed “Naturalizing Competences”.

The Porto native, Daniela Braga, is part of the White House strategy for AI

Joe Biden is set to define the American strategy around AI (Artificial Intelligence) and gathered a team of 12 experts in the subject to form a Task Force that will work closely with the US government in that topic. One of such experts is the Porto native Daniela Braga, founder of the DefinedCrowd startup, which is widely recognised in the sector and already collaborates with Amazon or Google.

Ocean Infinity acquires UPTEC startup and U. Porto Spin-off company Abyssal

Abyssal, UPTEC startup and U. Porto’s spin-off was acquired by Ocean Infinity, a multinational company with specialist expertise in marine robotics.