Tour guides are already receiving 'Confiança Porto' training

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Training as part of the 'Confiança Porto' - Passeios Turísticos Pedestres programme, aimed at non-accredited tourist guides, kicked off on Wednesday.

The initiative, developed in partnership with the Porto Tourism School as part of the Formação+ Próxima programme, is in line with Porto's sustainability strategy, with a focus on decentralising tourist flows in the city's most pressured areas. In this context, and with the aim of publicising 'Mais Porto', the training is intended as a transmission tool to show trainees new narratives of the city in lesser-known areas, such as Marginal, Boavista, Foz and Bonfim, in the Eastern area.

The councillor for Tourism and Internationalisation, Catarina Santos Cunha, accompanied by the director of the School of Hospitality and Tourism, Paulo Morais Vaz, welcomed the trainees in person and said that 'tour guides play an extremely important role in disseminating Porto's history and decentralising visitor flows to various areas of the city that also deserve to be known'. 'With this training, given by an expert in the field, we aim to qualify and certify the offer and contribute to adding value to the tourist experience. Because of its importance, the start of this work was long overdue, so we plan to hold further sessions after the high season,' he added.

The first session took place in a classroom, dedicated to the urban evolution of Porto and the Historic Centre, and will serve as a motto for the next three sessions of technical visits around the territory, namely the Eastern Area - 'Between Batalha and Campanhã Station', the Miguel Bombarda area - 'The Arts Neighbourhood' and finally the Western Area- 'The urban space of São João da Foz'.

The 'Confiança Porto' - Passeios Turísticos Pedestres programme, which has been running since 2022, aims to help qualify the tourist offer in terms of the content to be conveyed to tourists and to organise the spatial distribution of the groups taking part in the pedestrian tours across the territory.