Entrepreneurship and innovation projects take roots from Porto

Porto is hosting European Innovation Academy for the second year and the event is expected to take place in the city in the next years.

Vietnamese delegation’s visit to Porto echoes in the local media

The Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Festival in Porto, that took place in Alfândega until last Sunday, served as the pretext for the arrival of a Vietnamese committee to the city.

Walking is beneficial and makes the city more attractive

Porto has been elected as the third best city in Europe to be explored on foot, according to the British blog Preply.

From Porto to the world: the universe of innovation, entrepreneurship and start-ups starts here

Considered the world’s biggest academic event on technological and digital entrepreneurship, the European Innovation Academy (EIA) returns to Porto as the city it has chosen to, until 2026, inspire students from the world’s top 50 universities to create new business ideas. The doors of innovation will be opened from the July 17th until August 4th.

More 40 million euros and 100 engineers will accelerate the establishment of businesses in Porto

Luso German business accelerator anticipates an annual investment of between 7 and 8 million euros throughout the next five years.

CommuniCity Project links Porto to Helsinki and Amsterdam

Porto has joined the capitals of Finland and Holand to make use of technology and innovative solutions in favour of underprivileged communities and populations.

Economic portrait of the city highlights above average innovation and qualifications

The data from Novobanco’s study refer to 2021 and were presented in the debate promoted by the newspaper ECO.

€324 million of GDP comes from UPTEC companies

Results were presented at the ceremony of the 15th anniversary of the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto.

An early São João and lots of excitement at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport

Until the 23rd, the Municipality of Porto has installed in the landing room a replica of a historic stand of Bolhão.

QSP Summit is back from June 27th to 29th

The motto for of the major management and marketing events in Europe is the future of leadership: "Shaping the Future Leadership"