Porto maintains its top position in Financial Times' 'European cities of the future' ranking

City's economic development strategy for attracting foreign direct investment remains solid In this edition, Porto came third on the 'Large European Cities' podium.

InvestPorto catalyses partnership between Academia and business to develop sustainable chemical innovation

The launch event took place last Friday at the Porto Regional Centre of Universidade Católica.

Porto recorded 5.9 million overnight stays in 2023

All in all, overnight stays in the city accounted for 7.6% of the national total

Organic plastic adds a new dimension to innovation in city supplies

The first pieces that today make Águas e Energia do Porto's work faster, less expensive and increasingly environmentally friendly.

Culture and Heritage workers receive 'Formação + Próxima' training on hospitality and welcome

The aim is to provide ever greater and better hospitality and welcome services to those who visit the city.

Bus timetables and routes in real time on the new screens at bus stops

The pilot project provides a low-power technology screen, e-paper-like, with information, complemented by a map corresponding to the route of each line and audio messages.

More than seven million people have visited Bolhão since its reopening

Traditional market will open its doors to international chefs, combining knowledge, flavour and tradition.

Swiss group creates technology centre in Porto to accelerate digitalisation in retail

In yet another way of helping new foreign technology companies to settle in the region, is promoting the creation of Xelerate Markant Services Internacional Portugal.

City tells new stories for a (increasingly) better tourism. “Yours Truly, Porto”

The councillor for Tourism and Internationalization gave the news of the launch the map that will show the world new stories for a vision towards the sustainable future of the destination.

Travelers choose Porto among the best cultural destinations in the world

In a list of 25 cities, Porto is ranked 13th place, ahead of destinations like Buenos Aires, Vienna or even Berlin.