Visit the most impressive gilded altarpiece in Porto

Visit the Church of São Francisco, in Porto and discover a most impressive gilded woodcarving alterpice. Its altarpieces originated in the Gothic era, and assumed a nationalist character during the 17th century, reaching its height in the reign of King D. João V.

Santa Clara gilded woodcarving Church in Porto is being restored

Religious person or not, paying a visit to a unique church is an excellent way of knowing important moments of Portuguese history and the evolution of architectural styles.

A most fascinating public sculpture is located at Montevideu Avenue, in Porto

A most fascinating public sculpture is located at Montevideu Avenue, in Foz, Porto. The "Homem do Leme" or "Helmsman" was inaugurated on 27 January 1938 and has its own cultural curiosity.

International Architecture Awards 2019 recognise the excellence of Porto Botanical Garden rehabilitation

The rehabilitation project of the Botanical Garden of Porto - Natural History Museum and the Science of the University of Porto (MHNC-UP) was one of the winners in the category "Parks and Gardens" of the International Architecture Awards 2019, the largest and oldest annual public celebration of architecture at global level.

The Palácio da Bolsa in Porto is one of the most amazing monuments ever built

The Palácio da Bolsa, in Porto, is an amazing national monument designed in 1842 by Joaquim da Costa Lima, in neoclassical style. It is located in the Historic Centre of Porto and it is one of the most visited monuments of the Invicta.

Another seven trees under Tree preservation order in the city of Porto

Hundred-year-old palm trees that stand in the Gardens of the Palácio de Cristal have been legally protected. This reinforces the Municipality's commitment towards preserving the urban greening in the city of Porto.

Porto City Hall ensures century old tree is legally protected

A huge 150 years old Metrosideros that sits at the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal has been classified as a "Public Interest Vegetation" by the Nature and Forests Conservation Institute (ICNF), upon request by Porto City Hall.

Clérigos number of visitors spikes to new record in 2018

The Clérigos architectural complex, comprising the Tower, Museum and Church, has reached a record number of visitors. Around one million and three hundred people, visitors and holyday makers, stopped at this venue in the city of Porto, which has led to record-breaking visits to Clérigos.

Japanese street stall is restored and returned to the Mompilher square

The iconic and centenarian street stall at Mompilher square is again part of the urban landscape, after having been degraded and dismantled some years ago. The structure was heavily damaged following a fire in 2014. It is classified as a Public Interest Building and it is the only private street stall in the city of Porto.

Stock Exchange Palace commemorates record number of visits in 2017

The Palácio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange Palace) celebrates record number of visits - in 2017, about 360 thousand tourists have visited the landmark building, according to the Porto Trade Association (ACP). An increase of 6% regarding the same period last year.