Santa Clara gilded woodcarving Church in Porto is being restored

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Religious person or not, paying a visit to a unique church is an excellent way of knowing important moments of Portuguese history, but also the evolution of architectural styles.

The Santa Clara Church is a Catholic temple located in the parish of Sé in Porto, Portugal. The inside of the church is covered in gilded carved wood, and as of 1910, it has been classified as National Monument. It is also classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.

The necessary conservation and restoration works will commence on the last week of August. This renovation was at standstill since the last months of 2018, but now the Regional Directorate of Northern Culture stated that the works are due to start this month and completion is due within one year time.

The works include the conservation of alter pieces and retables, which date from the mid-18th century and are one of the best examples of gilded wood items of the baroque from the Joan Cycle.

The construction of the church began in 1416 alongside the Santa Clara Convent for use by nuns of the Order of Poor Clares. However, the Order of Poor Clares settled in the church in 1427, it was completed in 1457.