Porto heritage tramway celebrates 150 years

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Filipa Brito

It was 125 years ago that the first electrified lines started to operate in Porto, the first in the Iberian Peninsula, in the moment when the car that can be visited at the Tramway Museum in Porto, went up the Restauração Street in Porto, on 12th September 1895. 

The year 2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the provision, in Porto, of propelled railway vehicles transport services under concession or permission from a public body to the Baron of Trovisqueira.

In the golden days, Porto had 150 km of railway, 193 trams serving 38 lines. The tramway in Porto stands as a testimony of the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the Invicta.

Visitors to the Tramway Museum soon realise why Porto has always been such a progressive city. A remarkable fact is that some of the trams are one century old and are still working.

Currently, the Sunday walk is a mandatory moment in the roadmap of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Today, the railway network is only 9km long, of a tourism route that includes three lines, five vehicles running between Foz and Infante, Massarelos and Carmo and Carmo to Batalha.

The Tramway Museum, in Porto, is part of the list of national museum spaces to have been granted the "Clean & Safe - Património Cultural" certification, thus ensuring that all preventive measures regarding the current pandemic are in place, in line with the health authorities' guidelines and that both staff and visitors can safely visit the museum.