"Hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again"

The third session of "Ambiente em Família" municipal programme, "Nights with bats special session" takes place on 23 August at the CEA - Environmental Education Centre, at the Park S. Roque, at 8pm (entrance by Travessa das Antas).

Do it for your own bat

The creatures of the night await on 23 August at Park of São Roque. The next initiative "Evening with bats" in Porto is a great opportunity to dispel myths about these nocturnal flying mammals and get to know a bit of their living habits, from 10am till 10pm.

Gaspar, the white Iberian dolphin that swims at Praia do Molhe

The first white Iberian dolphin to be spotted in the Iberian Peninsula has visited the beaches of Porto and Matosinhos these past days. It is a pleasure to see such a white dot against the blue of the Atlantic Ocean, as Gaspar - the name CIIMAR researchers gave him - swims back and forth Porto and Matosinhos beaches, even though fishermen believe it is a female, as it was spotted with a cub.

Intermunicipal territory brought to life in Porto District

The intermunicipal project of the Rio Tinto River Clean-up project, led by Porto Municipal Company Águas do Porto, in the context of the global urban planning of Porto district has been successfully concluded.

Porto fights plastic pollution and raises awareness on plastic litter in the ocean

If you come across a huge sculpture representing the planet and which is filled with plastic bottles you are appreciating the result of a joint initiative by the Interdisciplinary Centre of Maritime and Environmental Investigation of the University of Porto (CIIMAR-UP) and the SeaLife. The goal is to raise awareness on the grave threat plastic litter poses not only to the oceans but also to canals and rivers all across the world.

CIBIO- Porto researchers study climate change impact in Amazonia

The renowned magazine "Science Advances", published an article on the crucial role of climate in the bird diversity of Amazonia and pinpoints the southeast region of this biome as the most vulnerable to climate change. These were the findings of a study carried out by an international team that integrates researchers of the CIBIO-Centre for Research in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources of Porto.

Porto fights trash-induced marine pollution

Porto celebrates World Oceans Day next 8 June, and at 10am a group of volunteers will participate in a beach clean-up in the area to reduce litter, protect the waters and raise awareness on the importance of fighting marine litter. Applications are open! Be inspired!

Porto launches the biggest beach clean-up ever on World Oceans Day

Porto will mark World Oceans Day with probably the biggest beach clean-up in the city's beaches. Applications are open for all volunteers that wish to play a concrete role in fighting marine litter, on 8 June.

Another seven trees under Tree preservation order in the city of Porto

Hundred-year-old palm trees that stand in the Gardens of the Palácio de Cristal have been legally protected. This reinforces the Municipality's commitment towards preserving the urban greening in the city of Porto.

Like we said: "We don't just talk in Porto, we dig holes and plant trees!"

In line with the FUTURO project, targeted at planting more than 100 thousand trees in Porto Metropolitan Area (AMP) by 2021, another 158 trees and bushes were planted this morning near the A43 highway, in the parish of Campanhã, thus expanding the urban forest network in the city of Porto.