Cats and dogs are not toys: a responsible adoption is just that, the responsibility to care for pets all year long

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The Animal Assembly Centre (CROA - Centro de Recolha Oficial de Animais), located in the parish of Campanhã, in Porto, opened doors in April last year. Ever since, over 443 cats and dogs have found a home. In addition to raising awareness on the importance of a responsible adoption, the Centre also targets public awareness on an impulsive decision, as holidays are often periods when animals are abandoned.

It is worth mentioning that the Municipality of Porto concluded the "Control Plan and Well Being of Animal Population - cats and dogs - in 2015", which embodies a medium and long term strategy to ensure the health monitoring of these animals’ population and to reduce the euthanasia rate of viable animals in the centre, via a responsible adoption. Thus, in a time when holiday days are a possibility, one of the Animal Assembly Centre’s mains goals is to urge people not to abandon their four-legged friends, as the abandonment of animals is not only a crime, but also a problem that gets worse this time of year. Only last year, there is a record of nine animals returned to the Animal Assembly Centre.

During the adoption process, the Animal Assembly Centre recalls that there are issues that must not be forgotten by wannabe pet owners, namely the financial and the physical necessary conditions, time availability to devote to the animals and whether the household gathers the necessary conditions to accommodate a pet. Also important are the ‘owners’ lifestyle or future lifestyle projects.

Consult here all the necessary requirements.

Veterinarians and municipal handlers have the concern to clarify all the related doubts when considering adopting a four-legged friends, in a responsible manner, as animals’ abandonment is a crime.

Once an animal is adopted, the Animal Centre (CROA) offers sterilisation, electronic chip and the animal’s mandatory vaccines.

The Animal Centre is located at the Travessa das Águas Férreas de Campanhã, 463, and over 1.500 residents have visited the place, to get to know these beautiful animals. Moreover, the Environment page of the Municipality of Porto provides all the information on cats and dogs that are available for a responsible adoption.

In order to appoint an in-person meeting at the Animal Centre (CROA) or to pay the animals a visit, it is required that residents pre-scheduled a visit via the phone number 228 349 490, from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 12 noon, or between 2 pm and 4 pm.

The phone assistance - 228 349 490 - is available 24/7, if an urgent matter arises.