Queimódromo, in the City Park, is on its way to becoming greener

The works at the City Park have kicked off. The endeavour includes the renaturation of circa 6.500 square metres of paved area in the Queimódromo, which will be a green area, with the planting of around 2.800 trees and bushes. These works are held in the framework of the third and last phase of the City Park’s renovation works, according to the project by professor and landscape architect Sidónio Pardal.

Waste levels are decreasing in Porto area: the population produces less garbage and recycles more

In 2020, Lipor received over 60 thousand tons of material to recycle and 40 thousand tons of selectively collected biowaste and found that there is a reduction in the overall waste production. The pandemic accounts for one of the factors, but much is due to the awareness of residents where Lipor operates.

Porto is well aware of the importance of trees in the city: here’s why

Porto City Hall has resumed the monitoring of planted areas with indigenous species in the city, under the Biospots network, which had been interrupted in 2020, due to the pandemic. This initiative is held in the framework of the FUN Porto, the 100 thousand Urban Native Tree planting project in Porto Metropolitan Area that will now include the monitoring of the irrigated areas of Regado and Francos.

Porto tackles palm catterpillar infestation in Passeio Alegre

The Municipality of Porto already started the palm plantation at the Jardim do Passeio Alegre and also at the Avenida de D. Carlos I, to replace the ones that had to be removed, last December, due to a palm caterpillar’s infestation.

ISEP fights plastic pollution and is granted LIPOR’s “Coração Verde” certification

It’s been a year now that the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP) decided to put a stop to the process of selling 33 cl water plastic bottles within its premises. This was but step one to Porto Engineering Institute to initiate its path toward sustainability. This effort was acknowledged by Porto City Hall, municipal company Porto Ambiente and LIPOR, with the granting of the award “Coração Verde” [“Green Heart”, free translation].

Porto, the city of the camellias, inspires amazing artwork

The camellia is the flower of Porto; it was brought from England in the beginning of the nineteenth century and now it wins its place in the city’s street artwork, namely in a mural in Rua Antero de Quental and in an art installation that invites passervbys to share the collective memory of the quintessential flower of the Invicta. Porto City Hall invited urban artist Third and the architect duo FAHR021.3 to pay a tribute to the camellia. This is what they did.

Asprela Park strengthens ecological infrastructure and drainage systems in Porto

The Parque Central da Asprela features a unique combination of circa 650 new trees and bushes planted and 10 thousand cubic meters of increased water retention capacity, alongside two open air water streams. Asprela Park began to be built in July 2020 and the estimate conclusion deadline is the first quarter of 2022. The project is led by the Municipality of Porto in an investment of 1.64 million euros.