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Porto Pedestrian areas are suspended till the end of 2020

Porto City Hall decided to suspend, temporarily, the project regarding the city’s pedestrian areas, due to the mandatory curfew issued by the Government, which is in place on weekends as of 1pm.The municipal decision is in place until December ends and it was taken under the current constraints owing to the pandemic, to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in the community.

Buy local and get your gifts wrapped in these charming customised Porto. shopping bags!

Take time, Sunday morning, and the days still left to Christmas and stroll around downtown Porto, where local shops and traditional trade offer the thing you are looking for, with added bonus – the registered stores offer a direct discount of 2 euros per each 20-euros buy. Shops have a label indicating that they have adhered to this municipal initiative. And the unique presents you will gift are wrapped in a charming customised recycled Porto. shopping bag.

Exhibition Catalogue of “Culturas e Geografias” organised by the MHNC-UP is the Best of the Year

The exhibition catalogue of the “Cultures and Geographies. Centenary of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto” display, organised by the Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto was acknowledged “Best of the year”, by the Portuguese Association of Museology. This weekend, take time to see the exhibition at the MHNC-UP, at the Jardim da Cordoaria, from 10am till 1pm.

Everything in the yard is jazz, this Saturday and the next

The next two Saturdays, the Porta Jazz Association brings the two last outdoors concerts of 2020. The stage is the "Quintal Porta-Jazz", something like "Porta-Jazz backyard"; on 19th December, the WIZ trio, with the Portuguese José Pedro Coelho, on the saxophone, the French Wilfred Wilde on the electric guitar and the Spanish Iago Fernandez, on the drums, take to the stage at 11am.

U.Porto joins the Short film festival in-between the shortest day and the longest night of the year

The 8th edition of the “O Dia Mais Curto" [aka, “The shortest Day”, free translation] features the Curtas Festival at the Biodiversity Gallery, at the Planetarium of Porto and at the Casa Comum of the Rectory of the University of Porto, on 21st December. Goodbye autumn. Hello winter.

When companies choose Porto as a foreign investment destination, this is what happens…

Talent, competence, good infrastructure, life quality and a favourable macroeconomic scenario are some of the most relevant drivers for foreign investment in Porto. An while Porto is constantly and steadily developing and strengthening its markets, this is poised to create jobs and increase employment, in a city that is viewed as a pool of exceptional resources of specialized knowledge, ability and talent, as, for example, recently stated by Euronext’s CEO.

Discount coupons will have effect from 14th December in all purchases made at traditional and local shops in Porto

There is a communication campaign all around the city to recall both residents and visitors to Porto that Porto City Hall already handed out discount coupons and vouchers to city traders joining this initiative: for each 20 euros spent in street trading, traditional trade and local trade, customers will be granted a 2-euro direct rebate.

High speed train between Porto and Galicia “is fundamental” for both regional economies

The Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, and the President of the Regional Government of Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, are in favour of the strategic project to link the North of Portugal and the region of Galicia, in Spain, by a high speed train to boost the economic growth of these two neighbouring regions.

Porto Urban Art Open Call this December

The programme of Porto Urban Art is about to launch another Call for artistic interventions in the city’s public space. This new phase of this project is curated by Hazul, the artist from Porto. The initiative is implemented by the municipal company Ágora – Cultura e Desporto do Porto. The novelty is that a new Wall will be made available to the entire community; also, five projects will be put forward, by local artists.

Last night’s show proved why the municipal project “Desporto no Bairro” promotes kids empowerment in social neighbourhoods

For three months, the Momentum crew and its director, Max Oliveira, together with Ágora Porto worked with kids from eight neighbourhoods in Porto: Aldoar, Fonte da Moura, Viso, Ramalde, Cerco, Lagarteiro, Pasteleira, and Pinheiro Torres. Circa 500 kids learned a different lifestyle, a healthier one and literally have broken boundaries, as now they know they can follow dreams.