Fonoteca Municipal do Porto promotes a cycle of talks this July

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Miguel Nogueira/ Arquivo

Along with its musical patrimony, the Fonoteca Municipal do Porto (FMP) aka Porto Audio Room offers two public events this month of July, to bring people closer to the contemporary culture and the Fonoteca’s large acquis. The first event kicks off on 9 July and the second happens on 25 July. Access is free, and both events take place between 5 pm and 6 pm. Prior application is mandatory (up to two per person) due to space availability, via email

On 4 July, the Municipal Audio Room (Fonoteca Municipal) located in the Arda Complex, in Campanhã, will host the event “Passado e presente do vinil: Uma conversa com Paulo Vinhas e Leonor Losa”. This event will debate the different relational prospects with vinyl, with guests being invited to bring together the realities of the legacy and the future of the record industry.

The second event, on 25 July, gathers Anselmo Canha and Paulo Lopes, members of the historic band of Porto Repórter Estrábico. The talk will be moderated by Armando Sousa, who is in charge of the programming and archive of the Municipal Audio Room (FMP). The event is themed “Disco pesado: Os Repórter Estrábico nos trinta anos de ‘Uno Dos’” and will debate the 30th anniversary of the “Uno Dos” album release.

Starting September, there will be sessions devoted to active listening, conducted by different guests, the starting point being a vinyl from the Fonoteca’s collection. The goal is to boost the sharing of personal experiences and music recounts.

The Fonoteca Municipal do Porto is part of the Plataforma Campanhã, in the Arda Complex, and it is a space devoted to appreciating music, audio-visual, sound and the music industry at large, featuring circa 35 thousand vinyl records, both national and international productions, which the public will have the possibility to explore. The large collection of phonograms in vinyl format was the result of two donations to the Municipal Sound Archive by Rádio Difusão Portuguesa and Rádio Renascença, back in 2008.

Schedule your visit via email or phone number 221 146 789. Operating hours are from Tuesdays to Saturday, between 2pm and 7pm.