News Highlights

Desporto no Bairro and ILL Abilities break barriers through dance

The municipal programme “Desporto no Bairro, organised by Ágora – Cultura e Desporto do Porto, and implemented on the ground by Max Oliveira and his crew, the Momentum, the first professional street dance crew in Portugal, feature the closing concert of the project’s first edition, on 9th December, at 8.30pm, at Super Bock Arena- Pavilhão Rosa Mota. After three months, it’s time to take Breaking to the stage, which they will share with the international dance crew Ill Abilities.

Local businesses are ready to greet Xmas shoppers with amazing street lights and decorations, discounts and coupons

Porto City Hall will hand out 150 thousand discount vouchers to the city traders to compensate them for the pandemic distress. As such, for each 20 euros spent in street trading, traditional trade and local trade, customers will be granted a 2-euro direct rebate.

Breaking boundaries in Porto: from the street to the stage in three months’ time

There are only a few days to go before the final presentation of the municipal programme “Desporto no Bairro, which will join on stage the 35 finalists of the programme, the 10 b-boys and b-girls that monitor the project and the premiere of international band ILL-Abilities in Portugal. Tickets for the show are free, but reservation is mandatory (maximum 2 per person), via the email

Close to one hundred companies and investors filled for support to “Revitaliza Porto.”

The negative impact of the pandemic is showing of the number of companies and investors, close to one hundred the first week alone, that have requested the specialised service of the support line “Revitaliza Porto”, a free support service launched by the Municipality of Porto, via InvestPorto, whose goal is to support the business community in the city of Porto in the response to the pandemic crisis.

Porto Municipal Theatre lays out a new digital project in different artistic realms

This season, Porto Municipal Theatre (TMP) features both in-person and online performances. The TMP invited eight artists to provide a special artistic creation and offer audiences new insights on the cultural realm. The project is called PAR(S) – Artes Performativas e Imagem Online [Online Performance Arts and Image”, free translation] and it kicks on 1st December, with Cláudia Varejão and Joana Castro, director and choreographer and dancer, respectively.

Meet Santa Claus at the Hard Club, on 29th November, at 11am

The Cultura em Expansão will take Santa Claus to the Hard Club, on 29th November, at 11am. The performance “Olá, eu sou o Pai Natal” [“Hi, I’m Santa Claus”, free translation] will be delivered by Tiago Barbosa, who gives the traditional tale a twist. Barbosa will play around the modern character of Santa Claus, based on the historical Saint Nicholas, raising awareness on global issues such as gifts and the consumer society.

STCP adjusts the offer of services on weekends due to the slump in demand

STCP bus fleet in Porto will adjust the offer of services on weekends and holidays, starting at 1pm, following the slump in demand of circa 70%. This weekend, the STCP bus fleet implements timetable changes, by reducing 10% the offer of bus services, starting after 1pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Porto Food Bank promotes the best way to celebrate Xmas: by sharing

This year, the usual collection of food is not possible, owing to the sanitary context; as such, the campaign “Partilhar o Natal” [“Sharing Xmas”, free translation] is aimed at making up for that and advocates for companies and people to donate food and other items.

“This is a time when the State must get deeper into debt to resolve the situation”

Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto was a guest speaker at a national television show to discuss the pandemic context of the country. The Mayor advocated that the Government has to further its support to companies and families, to boost recovery and to build a stronger economy for the future, as soon as the health crisis is over.

The quality of English as a second language makes Porto the best speaking city in Portugal and the 9th in the world

Porto features the highest proficiency in English at national level, for the second year running, according to an EF- Education First study that discloses Porto not only as the best English speaking city in the country but also the 9th best in the world. The EF English Proficiency Index 2020 Report analysed data from 2.2 million non-native speakers of the English language, in 100 countries and regions.