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Rehabilitation works of Pérgola da Foz are concluded

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The renovation works of the iconic Pérgola da Foz are concluded and represent a municipal investment of circa 371 thousand euros. The Pergola’s concrete structure and the entire balcony, balustrade and ramparts were renovated, as well as the beach access ramps, from the Jardim dos Ingleses to the Esplanada do Molhe. Works were carried out by the municipal company GO Porto – Gestão e Obras do Porto.

The rehabilitation works in the landmark structure of the Pergola da Foz, facing the Atlantic, in Porto, commenced in January and were the continuation of the renovation works the Municipality of Porto started two years ago, when the seaside covered walkway facing the Atlantic, in Porto, was restored by the Municipality.

The iconic Pergola of Foz was upgraded to allow a formidable sidewalk by the sea. Rumour has it that the structure was projected in 1930, following a trip of the Mayor's wife to Nice, in France, who was inspired by the "Promenades des Anglais" and decided to ask her husband to build one in Porto.

It is worth recalling that the Foz area has undergone improvement works, namely the streets at Foz Velha. This endeavour’s main goal was to improve pedestrian accessibility, under the Municipality of Porto accessibilities mobility plan. Residents and visitors coming and going in the streets of Foz Velha now have new street equipment that will make their lives easier.

The Handholds and railings were especially manufactured for those sites and have already been deployed in a setup of streets in that area, where streets are narrow and steep, which causes constraints to residents' mobility.