Porto City Hall pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Photographs of past visits displayed on the main façade of the City Hall

The heart of the city already proclaims: “Bolhão is beautiful and it’s ours”

The entire city already knows: Mercado do Bolhão’s doors and heart are open again. As of today, what has always been done in Bolhão will be done again: tradition.

Bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil marked in Porto with a diverse cultural program

The program designed by Porto City Hall to mark the bicentennial of the independence of Brazil starts next dawn, with the projection of the colours of the Brazilian flag on the Council Chambers building.

World urban dance event is back in Porto

The moment of reunion of breaking fans with b-boys and b-girls from around the world is quickly approaching.

Lights in the Council Chambers mark Ukrainian Independence Day

Last night, Porto City Hall joined the celebration of Ukraine’s Independence Day, by lighting the Council Chambers’ building in blue and yellow, the national colours of the country.

Military honours escort D. Pedro’s heart to Brazil

The heart of D. Pedro IV, which the city of Porto temporarily donated for the Brazil’s Independence Bicentenary, is already on Brazilian soil.

International architecture magazine chooses São Bento as one of the most beautiful train stations in the world

São Bento station is among the 37 most beautiful railway stations in the world, according to a list elaborated by the international magazine Architectural Digest.