Photography books on Porto are granted the Graphis Design Awards

The editions “Livro Moldura Porto.” and “Catálogo de Fotografias Porto.”, both with graphic design by the Studio Eduardo Aires, have been granted the “Gold” award at the Graphis international prizes, in New York.

Municipality of Porto ensures more than 150 meals a day to students during school break

Summer vacations and the respective school break can bring some constraints for those who do not have the much needed family background or that are in need of keeping meal services even during the academic pause for vacations. Thus, students can still have access to meals – lunches and snacks – under the initiative “Escola Solidária” (Solidarity School”, free translation], by the Municipality of Porto, which ensures in-person or take-away services.

International public tender deadline for the design and construction of the Bridge D. António Francisco dos Santos is on 24 July

The deadline for the international public tender promoted by the Municipalities of Porto and Vila Nova Gaia for the design and construction of the Bridge D. António Francisco dos Santos over the river Douro is on 24 July.

“Who am I?” a performance that deserves a spot on society’s radar

The notion that post retirement or "becoming of age" means one has to give up pursuing meaningful and fulfilling activities is (literally) nonsense. If proof be needed, Porto City Hall launched the "Porto, Older People City Friendly Days" initiative (it is in its third edition now), with the goal of describing the creation of inclusive programmes and the implementation of measures for ageing-in-place, in the city of Porto.

The school term brings special holiday dates with the Mission Férias@Porto

The municipal programme Missão Férias@Porto delivers eight weeks of fun and pedagogical activities to the over 660 children, of which 64% reside in the city of Porto. And although this is the second time that this mission is held amid the pandemic, everything is done according to the safety measures issued by the DGS. Also, Special Educational Needs' students get the chance to try out all sorts of cultural and sports activities. This mission is great!

Porto City Hall assesses the establishment of a space of sufficient dimension to accommodate larger fair and markets in the city

Porto City Hall is assessing the need to ensure the best conditions possible to hold the largest fairs and markets in the city, amid the ongoing pandemic, by complying with all the safety measures in place, issued by the DGS. One of the ways to doing that is to establish a devoted place to hold these activities.

Águas e Energia do Porto provide water dispenser to the professionals of the São João Hospital

The municipal company Águas e Energia do Porto delivered the first water dispenser to the São João University Hospital centre, which will provide drinking water to the professionals of the Central Operating Rooms, under the project “Beba Água da Torneira, Segura e Amiga do Ambiente” [“drink tap water, safe and environmentally friendly”, free translation].