Municipal Assembly members visited the Ramal da Alfândega

The Ramal da Alfândega, the Customs Railway Branch in Porto that has been deactivated for circa thirty years now. The members of the Municipal Assembly visited the site a few days ago and assessed the qualities of the land that may accommodate two possible definitive solutions: an eco-track, encompassing both a pedestrian and a bike path, on weekends, or a fast connection commuter transport, between Campanhã and Customs, which will feature an electrical transportation system, on working days.

Porto Supply Market Board of Directors wants to strengthen relations with the Municipality of Porto

The new Board of Directors of the Porto Supply Market (MAP) was welcomed at Porto City Hall by the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, for a courtesy visit, on 21 June.

Debate on the diplomacy of the cities joins Porto and Athens

Rui Moreira participated in the second “Public Diplomacy Talks” event, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece. The main topic of the debate, which took to the online format, between the Mayor of Porto and Athens City Hall, Kostas Bakoyannis, was the diplomatic role of cities at global level.

2020 accounts are approved by the Municipal Executive. The execution rate attained 80% in a pandemic year.

The Municipal Executive approved the 2020 Accounting Report. Rui Moreira highlighted that, in a context of an unprecedented pandemic, “budget implementation was probably the best ever”, and taking into account that it reached 79. 8%. As regards social housing, the figures are irrefutable even: the execution rate of total expenditure, “at 100 %”.

Mayor of Porto participates in the OECD Champion Mayors For Inclusive Growth

Rui Moreira and another 60 mayors of municipalities all over the world gathered for an online meeting, today, to discuss commitments to inclusive growth and pledged to support youth through COVID-19 recovery initiatives in their cities. This event marked the 5th Anniversary Meeting of the OECD Champion Mayors For Inclusive Growth, which was first established in March 2016.

“There are double standards” regarding vaccination in Portugal, affirms Rui Moreira

The Mayor of Porto affirmed this morning that “it is not acceptable that as regards vaccination, there are territorial criteria, when they were not in place, previously”. Rui Moreira considers that “there are double standards” and that the Government and the health authorities did not go well regarding the loosening measures implemented in Lisbon, even if there has been a decline or a clarification”. “The North and the rest of the country are treated differently regarding the capital”.

Porto Municipal Assembly unanimously adopted the strengthening of the rent support programme with a further 1 million euros

The Municipal Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution to strengthen the budget to the municipal programme Porto Solidário with a further 1 million euros, yesterday evening, on 24 May. Porto City Hall is a pioneer of such measure, which has been in effect since 2014, and currently other municipalities have been implementing the same measure.