Gifting flowers on Women's Day at the Citizens Bureau in the city of Porto

Today, 8 March, the International Women's day, women are being gifted flowers at the Citizens Bureau in Porto. At the City Hall's initiative, throughout the day every woman heading to this municipal service will receive a camellia to mark women's Day.

"Porto." websites are more inclusive with Text-to-Speech technology

The news portal "Porto." now provides the talking version of its online text, with the added ReadSpeaker functionality. This Text-to-Speech technology not only allows people that suffer from reading disabilities, dyslexia, and visual impairment to access the news website but also assists non-native Portuguese users and people who choose not to read from screens or who don't have the chance to read.

Trade Association honoured Rui Moreira

Porto Trade Association honoured Rui Moreira as its 36th President, presenting his official portrait, which will be on display at the association together with the portraits of former presidents of the same association.

Scientist of Porto University wins important international competition

For the first time ever, a Portuguese scientist has won the 2018 Sackler Prize, worth 100 million dollars, given by the Tel Aviv University, from Israel, which awards, every two years, young researchers (aged up to 40), with major contributions in the fields of physics and chemistry.

Brussels approves Porto application to host a Europe Direct Centre

The European Commission has approved the application submitted by Porto Municipality to host a Europe Direct Centre, for the period 2018-2020. Porto City Hall has put forward a working programme under the motto "Europe close to all" and will therefore, continue to be the host institution of the European Information Centre, which comprises all the municipalities of the Porto Metropolitan area.

Porto City Hall establishes the Municipal Ombudsman and strengthens the competencies of the Office for Social Inclusion

Porto City Hall will establish the Ombudsman within the Municipality, in the beginning of 2018. The Municipal Ombudsman is an impartial entity who will be in charge of receiving inquiries of each individual citizen, male or female in an open and inclusive way.

The city of Porto has validated a second mandate of Mayor Rui Moreira

On 1 October the city of Porto has expressed its will in the polls and has validated the mandate of Mayor Rui Moreira. The formal inauguration of the Municipal Executive for the four-year period 2017-2021 took place on 25 October. Mayor Rui Moreira' second inauguration speech happened in Rivoli Theatre. This ceremony usually takes place at the City Hall, so this was a signal of the importance that the Municipal Government attaches to culture.

Porto is pioneer in Integrated Emergency Management at national and international level

Porto is pioneer in Integrated Emergency Management Certification at national level and one of the first cities worldwide to receive these credentials that represent expertise in the fields of Protection and Relief, Municipal Security and Civil Protection.

"I feel at home in Porto!"

Richard Zimler received the Honour Medal of Porto City Council. It was with great emotion that the writer thanked the honour, saying he was "pleasantly surprised, moved and grateful".

Flying the national flag on Portugal Day

The national flag was proudly flying in the city of Porto this morning, in front of Porto City Hall, at the ceremony that marked the beginning of the celebration of Portugal Day.