“This is a time when the State must get deeper into debt to resolve the situation”

Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto was a guest speaker at a national television show to discuss the pandemic context of the country. The Mayor advocated that the Government has to further its support to companies and families, to boost recovery and to build a stronger economy for the future, as soon as the health crisis is over.

Porto celebrates the cause that shaped the nation

It was the year 1820, on 24th August, precisely 200 years ago today that one of the most significant announcements of Portugal echoed in Porto: "PEOPLE OF PORTO! Let's redeem those captives in Lisbon!" This marked the beginning of the Liberal Revolution that would set in motion the establishment of a constitutional regime in Portugal. The Portuguese Court and King D. João VI returned from Brazil and that was the end of the absolute monarchy, thus paving the way for the first Constitution,...

The vaulted ceiling of the chapel at the Prado do Repouso Cemetery is being restored

Porto City Hall commenced the rehabilitation works of the vaulted ceiling of the chapel at the Prado do Repouso Cemetery, at the Bonfim parish, namely the sealing of fissures and breakings. Restoring historical buildings require extra care and attention to detail, as not to endanger the original features and materials. And this is an important enterprise as it is our link to the past and bygone eras.

Santo António Hospital in Porto marks 250 years and announces the renewal of the building facade

Two hundred and fifty years after the first brick was laid, the Hospital of Santo António, will have its facade renovated by the Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto. The cleansing of the hospital's facade is estimated at a half million euros and the Municipality of Porto will help support the endeavour, as a patron.

Guide to the Liberal Cause in the city of Porto was released on 2nd July

The guide "Porto Liberal: Arquiteturas, Sítios e Memórias" [Porto Liberal: Architectures, Sites and Memories", free translation], was released on 2nd July. This historical work describes the role of the city in affirming Liberalism in the course of the nineteenth century. Mayor Rui Moreira attended the official book presentation.

"Porto." interviewed Neill Lochery about "Porto: Gateway to the World"

"Porto." interviewed Neill Lochery about "Porto: Gateway to the World". This interview was conducted at Casa do Roseiral, Mayor of Porto's Official residence. Rui Moreira welcomed Professor Neill Lochery and his wife/Agent Emma Lochery before the interview.

Porto is honouring all those who distinguished themselves in their support to fight Covid-19

Individuals and collective persons that have been fighting the new coronavirus on the frontline, in the city of Porto, will be honoured by Porto City Hall, as this year the traditional Medal Award Ceremony of the city will not be held for sanitary reasons.

Residents can request licensing and urban permits on digital form

Despite the Townsman Office having its gates closed, due to the current pandemic, services are running all the same; as such, it is possible for residents to request an urban permit or licencing on digital form.

Municipal Assembly approves vote of condolences for the victims of Covid-19 in videoconference session

The Municipal Assembly unanimously approved, this afternoon, a vote of condolences for the victims of Covid-19. The same session, a vote of honour was given to those facing the pandemic and the National Health Service (SNS), both presented by the president of the Municipal Assembly, Miguel Pereira Leite.

Digital services record high by the Townsman Office

Online customer service by the townsman office increases, as the Balcão Virtual keeps running in the normal working hours. The last week in March registered a 56% increase in the number of received emails. In addition, online application forms have showed a 10% increase, between 23rd and 27th March.