Porto built a large-scale vaccination programme, but it needs vaccines in place

Porto City Hall has built a robust program for the administration of vaccines in the city, with a capacity to inoculate circa 2000 people per day; the drive-thru vaccination centre, set up in the Queimódromo, is ready to go since February. The Municipality of Porto has been in constant communication with the two ACES [Health Centre Groups) in the city and articulated the availability of vaccination sites.

Rui Moreira participates in the first Mayors Summit Against Anti-Semitism

The Mayors Summit Against Anti-Semitism is scheduled for 16th March and it gathers mayors from all parts of the world, from Porto to Athens, and from Pittsburgh to Frankfurt, in Germany, the online event organiser, jointly with the Combat Anti-Semitism organisation.

Porto hosted the ecumenical ceremony for the President’s inauguration

The President of the Republic came back to Porto, as he had done five years before, to mark his inauguration ceremony. After being sworn in in Lisbon, he headed to Porto for an ecumenical ceremony, where he was welcomed by the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira. This is the President’s second mandate and the ceremony was attended by representatives of several religious beliefs. “I am filled with pride, because Porto is a city of tolerance”, affirmed Rui Moreira.

Municipal Assembly agrees to enter another 52 million euros in the budget to fight the pandemic

The first Porto City Hall budget revision for 2021 is now concluded. The Municipal Assembly agreed to enter another 51.7 million euros to support the assistance measures that mitigate the harm caused by Covid-19, during the Special Session of the Municipal Assembly. The solution, Rui Moreira advances, would be in the review of the Law of Local Finance, which would enable access by the Municipality to other income, like the revenue resulting from VAT.

Municipal Executive approves 52 million euros for pandemic fight

The Municipal Executive approved the first 2021 budget review yesterday morning, in the exact amount of 51.7 million euros, during a private meeting held by videoconference. Rui Moreira admits to the possibility that the Municipality further reinforces the pandemic fight effort in the nearest future. But, as these are uncertain times, Mayor Rui Moreira deems wise not to “be out of ammunition just yet”, even so because this crisis can get worse.

Presidential candidates offer compliments to Mayor Rui Moreira

The Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, welcomed two candidates to the Portuguese Presidential election that will take place the coming year. Vitorino Silva visited today the Mayor at the City Hall, just a few weeks from the visit by candidate Ana Gomes. They both went to the City Council to offer their compliments.

High speed train between Porto and Galicia “is fundamental” for both regional economies

The Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, and the President of the Regional Government of Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, are in favour of the strategic project to link the North of Portugal and the region of Galicia, in Spain, by a high speed train to boost the economic growth of these two neighbouring regions.

Municipal budget amounts to 328.5 million euros in 2021 and foresees tax property reduction

Porto municipal budget will be the highest ever in 2021. There will be 328. 5 million euros that reflect an “expansionist” and a “countercyclical budgetary policy”, emphasises Rui Moreira in the opening remarks of the report that will be voted on 30th November by the Municipal Executive. A new feature is tax property (IMI) reduction.

“This is a time when the State must get deeper into debt to resolve the situation”

Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto was a guest speaker at a national television show to discuss the pandemic context of the country. The Mayor advocated that the Government has to further its support to companies and families, to boost recovery and to build a stronger economy for the future, as soon as the health crisis is over.

Porto celebrates the cause that shaped the nation

It was the year 1820, on 24th August, precisely 200 years ago today that one of the most significant announcements of Portugal echoed in Porto: "PEOPLE OF PORTO! Let's redeem those captives in Lisbon!" This marked the beginning of the Liberal Revolution that would set in motion the establishment of a constitutional regime in Portugal. The Portuguese Court and King D. João VI returned from Brazil and that was the end of the absolute monarchy, thus paving the way for the first Constitution,...