In Foz an old tradition parades hoping to become heritage and throw all ‘evils’ overboard

On Sunday, the Cortejo do Traje de Papel starts in Cantareira, going towards the beach for the sea bath that, according to some, is worth as seven.

Magnificence of a frigate reminds city of Navy Day

A boat that is also anchored in Douro River, next to other ships from the Navy: “Sagres” and Lancha de Fiscalização Rio Minho, both moored, and Navio Patrulha Oceânico Sines, equally anchored in Ribeira.

"And nothing goes to the Magnificent Academy of Porto?"

Millions of students brought to the heart of the city the fondness they have inside of their hearts at the end of yet another phase, and the colours and chants that enhance the moment of another Cortejo Académico in Porto.

The “airport for buses” in Campanhã has had almost half a million passengers

Three months after the inauguration of the Terminal Intermodal de Campanhã it is already possible to do a balance of the operation: it was a time of “learning”.

Children from IPO-Porto spent a different morning with “police dogs” and a “Spiderman”

Children and teenagers from the Pediatrics service of the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) of Porto met with Municipal Police, Sapadores Firefighters Regiment of Porto and Municipal Department of Civil Protection.

The city is ready to celebrate São João to the fullest

At Rotunda da Boavista, São João can already be lived. The amusement spaces are already installed there, with the usual carousels, bumper cars, table football, stalls with “farturas”, cotton candy, popcorns, “pão com chouriço” (bread with traditional Portuguese sausage) and sardines, in addition to the Ferris wheel.

Fashion industry wears Porto’s DNA again

In the 50th Edition, Portugal Fashion chooses the colors of maturity, optimism, and economic and social importance.

Thousands of tulips cover the city with a blanket of color

Originally from Turkey, it is traditionally known as the symbol of the Netherlands, but, these days, it decorates flowerpots, gardens, and public parks in Porto.

Australian entrepreneur moves to Campanhã, in Porto and sets a Gin Distillery with authentic origins

Travis Cunningham is an Australian in search of an alternative to the “where to look for the best place to establish a distillery?” type of quest. This expeditious search led him and his family to Porto, and he reveals that despite having looked at places all around the world he decided Porto was the best place to start his dream business: a Gin Distillery. He describes his distillery, Scoundrels Distilling Co. as “a Portuguese distillery run by Australians”.

A most splendid stained glass window can be found in the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto

A most splendid stained glass window adorns the main hall of the modern complex of the Faculty of Pharmacy (FFUP) and the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar (ICBAS), of the University of Porto. It is a coloured stained glass that was forged in 1934 and survived a fire in the grounds of the faculty, in 1975.