The city is ready to celebrate São João to the fullest

At Rotunda da Boavista, São João can already be lived. The amusement spaces are already installed there, with the usual carousels, bumper cars, table football, stalls with “farturas”, cotton candy, popcorns, “pão com chouriço” (bread with traditional Portuguese sausage) and sardines, in addition to the Ferris wheel.

Fashion industry wears Porto’s DNA again

In the 50th Edition, Portugal Fashion chooses the colors of maturity, optimism, and economic and social importance.

Thousands of tulips cover the city with a blanket of color

Originally from Turkey, it is traditionally known as the symbol of the Netherlands, but, these days, it decorates flowerpots, gardens, and public parks in Porto.

Australian entrepreneur moves to Campanhã, in Porto and sets a Gin Distillery with authentic origins

Travis Cunningham is an Australian in search of an alternative to the “where to look for the best place to establish a distillery?” type of quest. This expeditious search led him and his family to Porto, and he reveals that despite having looked at places all around the world he decided Porto was the best place to start his dream business: a Gin Distillery. He describes his distillery, Scoundrels Distilling Co. as “a Portuguese distillery run by Australians”.

A most splendid stained glass window can be found in the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto

A most splendid stained glass window adorns the main hall of the modern complex of the Faculty of Pharmacy (FFUP) and the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar (ICBAS), of the University of Porto. It is a coloured stained glass that was forged in 1934 and survived a fire in the grounds of the faculty, in 1975.

Researcher from FEUP wins ICCES Outstanding Young Researcher Award

Pedro Aires Montenegro, alumnus of the University of Porto and researcher at FEUP, won the ICCES Outstanding Young Researcher Award for his research in Civil Engineering, in the framework of the International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences 2020 (ICCES), as regards road safety and on the impact of severe weather conditions in the circulation of high-speed trains.

Schools within the Porto Municipality network ensure meals and projects to suit children’s needs

There is a host service in place, in Porto, for those children with no support background in the household, as their parents are essential workers or cannot work from home. Keeping the quality of learning and teaching, even during the school remote system in place, owing to the pandemic, is a major priority of the Municipality of Porto. Currently, over 400 first graders benefit form a daily meal service; also, the educational programmes have been adjusted and adapted to the current needs.

Artists' impressions are painted on the walls! A guided tour by Porto.

These artists from Porto use their skills to create a unique and fascinating street landscape, one that is lovely to watch. Here is a glimpse of that street work, with the prospect of an in-person visit when lockdown measures thus allow it. Rafi die Erste and Godmess honour personal storytelling or the mule pannier, aka the water baskets, which is a folk tradition for carrying the pitchers by mule to fetch water.

Take inspiration from tulip joyful colourways onto gardens and squares all across the city

The city of Porto is bursting with colour, an announcement that spring is on the way. Gardens, squares and flowerbeds scattered all across town deliver a masterclass in magicked backdrop to one of the most resilient cities ever: the Invicta.

The doctor from Porto who wants to set poems from the PALOP and East Timor to music

Rui Soares da Costa, surgeon, composer and musician, granted an interview to “Porto.”, and explained a project of his that has been around for a while, which he is now trying to get to new horizons: to set to music a project themed “Natal Português”, with poems written in the PALOP and East Timor, and offers cues on how to assess music, by explaining the difference (or not), between lyrics and music, as well as clarifying how he composes music.