Thousands of tulips cover the city with a blanket of color

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Originally from Turkey, it is traditionally known as the symbol of the Netherlands, but, these days, it decorates flowerpots, gardens, and public parks in Porto. Dazzling colors, in a visual show that captures the attention of passers-by, the tulip is already a regular guest of the city, announcing the arrival of Spring.

This year, around 92 thousand tulips were planted in different spaces, with the chosen color palette being purple, pink, red, yellow, and white opting for a mix of tones in several locations.

The flower bulbs are produced in the Municipal Plant Nursery, where gardeners keep them sheltered in a greenhouse, until the tulips are ready to decorate the city. In fact, the Municipal Plant Nursery of Porto produces over 600 thousand plants per year, in what is the largest green plant managed by a local authority and supplier to the entire Mediterranean area.

In the historical center, for example, around 80 thousand specimens were planted, in places such as the S. Lázaro Garden, São Cristóvão street (flowerbeds and viaduct), Trindade square, Gomes Teixeira square, Infante D. Henrique Garden, Sé do Porto Garden and Ator Dias square.

Anyone strolling through Passeio Alegre Garden, São João Batista Fort and Antero Figueiredo Garden, among other locations, will also find many of these flowers.

Their colorful beauty, or symbol, for some, of pansies when arranged in a bridal bouquet, is combined with their brief longevity, so take advantage now to enjoy them in an open-air exhibition spread across the city.