"And nothing goes to the Magnificent Academy of Porto?"

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"Everything!" The years of studying, the challenges of higher education in the middle of a pandemic, the friends that stay forever, the hope for a safe future. Millions of students brought to the heart of the city the fondness they have inside of their hearts at the end of yet another phase, and the colours and chants that enhance the moment of another Cortejo Académico in Porto, that is never truly just another moment.

It may have looked like long years of studying, the passing of the tribuna might have taken a long time to arrive this Tuesday, but the truth is, that it felt like just a few seconds. The seniors of Academia do Porto walked through the streets with confidence and ran towards what the future will bring them now that their lives as students are coming to an end.

But the future is not yet a place they wish to think about. They have their classmates to celebrate with, their families waiting to hug them and many good luck bengaladas to give and receive throughout the itinerary that started in Praça da República, and ended in front of the Porto City Hall, where the president, Rui Moreira, the councillors, and deans of the many academic institutions await them.

And for many, the Academia is a place where they will always wish to go back to. Some of them really do, even though they have concluded their degrees many years ago. Because if Cortejo is the designated moment for seniors, this tradition is also brought on by the freshmen’s strength and the experience of everyone that the city has seen graduate a long time ago and that feel the need to “stay students forever”.

Every year, the Cortejo Académico brings to the streets 43 floats of the many colleges and is lived by millions of people, among them students, family, and curious people.

The party lasts until Saturday, at Queimódromo. “To immortalise the illusion of an instant”.