2.13 million euros to support the return of traders to the Bolhão Market

The Municipal Executive unanimously aproved a proposal to support the return of traders to the ancient and now fully renovated Bolhão Market. The amount of 2.13 million euros has been approved for adaptation works and rearrangement of business spaces.

The Mercado do Bolhão is finally starting to tick!

The Bolhão Market construction project is about to enter its conclusion phase. Right at Rua Formosa, we find the centennial Mercado do Bolhão building, where an intensive repair and restoration work, much like that of watchmaking, is ongoing. The works are estimated to conclude in the second half of the year. Circa 120 workers are keeping old features and traditions alive, by renovating a system of gears and springs at the heart of the old building, which will bring back to the city the heritage

Formosa and Alexandre Braga streets are open to public transport circulation

The streets of Formosa and Alexandre Braga, which were closed to traffic since 25th January, owing to the works at the Bolhão Market ancient building, are now open. Also, this was the day that a gigantic canvas was placed all around the working site of Bolhão, depicting all the familiar faces of Bolhão traders.

Bolhão Temporary Market adjusts business hours

Buying groceries at Bolhão Temporary Market is still ensured, amid the hardening of the pandemic preventive measures, although business hours have been adjusted, as of 26th January.

Bolhão Market new vendor space applications conclude tomorrow

Tomorrow, 20th November, is the deadline of the "Abanca-te no Bolhão" campaign, [“Trading at Bolhão” (free translation)] as regards the application period to hold a vendor place at the restored and renovated Bolhão Market. There are 42 new stalls, 6 restaurants and 12 stores. The application is available at the digital platform for public tenders (concursos/compras públicos(as)) AcinGov (, which provides all the necessary information. Applications must be submitted until 11.59pm.

Applications are now open to the 60 vacant seller positions at the Bolhão Market

"Abanca-te no Bolhão", which translates as "Trading at Bolhão" (free translation) is the telling motto of the campaign that officially starts today, as of 2pm, and refers to the opening of the application period to hold a vendor place at the restored and renovated Bolhão Market. We are looking at 42 new stalls, 6 restaurants and 12 stores.

Going all the way to an existence of full innovation merged with tradition in the city of Porto

Mayor Rui Moreira is determined to help build a brighter and better city of Porto. The 100 year old city market Bolhão is one of such powerful examples! See how things are going.

Porto City Hall strengthens support to Bolhão traders

The Municipal Executive has approved to budget the amounts destined to support traders of the Bolhão Market to address the extended deadline of the rehabilitation works of the ancient market of Bolhão, due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

Three decades waiting to start renovation works at Bolhão Market

The international public tender for the "Restoration and Modernization of the Bolhão Market" with publication of the notice in the Official Journal of the European Union, is launched this Monday, December 19, 2017. The construction, repair and renewal work carried out are intended to last 720 days, taking place by mid-2017 and will cost 25 million euros.

Municipal Assembly proposal to temporary transfer sellers of the market of Bolhão accepted without any negative votes

The location of the Bolhão Temporary Market in La Vie Shopping Center, a few meters from the market that will be restored, was approved on Monday, November 21, in the Municipal Assembly, without any negative vote.