In people, in the sun, in Bolhão: happiness is in Porto

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There is a little technological being showing people simple ways of being happy in Porto: a hug, a walk, some dance moves. Robot Lio has found happiness in Bolhão and has been spreading it for those who pass through the market. “Happy Minds. Happy Cities” is the act that anticipates “Happiness Camp”, the conference dedicated to corporate happiness and that comes back to Alfândega do Porto on September 14th.

After all, what does the city have that makes people happy? It is its “beauty”, its “details”, its “charming diversity”. There are those who choose fun, others culture or architecture. Gastronomy is also almost always a way of being happy, such as the landscapes, the bridges, the climate. Even its awe-factor.

For others, its peace, quality of life, its healthy environment are reasons to find happiness in Porto. And as always, the “amazing and kind”, “warm” people that, in the end, “make the city”. “Porto is a happy city”, after all.

Robot Lio will be in Mercado do Bolhão until Friday to promote “Happiness Camp” at the same time that it helps give a voice to the happiness of everyone who pass through it and promote Porto as a happy destination.

For that, the robot will interact with the visitors of Mercado, inviting them to respond to a questionnaire to find out what will make them happy in the city. And it gives them reasons for it: curiosities, historical facts about Bolhão, future news and events where they will be able to participate.

For happiness to last, those who visit Mercado do Bolhão still have the opportunity of living special experiences in the city. All it takes is spinning the wheel of luck, from which something always comes out: from gifts to activities in the fields of art, culture, gastronomy, wine, sports, or leisure. There is much to be happy about in Porto.

“Happiness Camp” is the biggest European conference dedicated to corporate happiness. Participation is free, but it requires prior registration.